The following tables list the members exposed by EntityDescriptor.

Public Constructors

Public ConstructorsEntityDescriptor ConstructorOverloaded. Initializes a new instance of the EntityDescriptor class.

Public Properties

Public PropertiesAdditionalMetadataLocationsGets the list of AdditionalMetadataLocation.
Public PropertiesAffiliationDescriptorGets or sets the primary content of the element is either a sequence of one or more role descriptor elements, or a specialized descriptor that defines an affiliation.
Public PropertiesAttributeAuthorityDescriptorsGets the list of AttributeAuthorityDescriptor.
Public PropertiesAuthnAuthorityDescriptorsGets the list of AuthnAuthorityDescriptor.
Public PropertiesCacheDurationGets or sets the maximum length of time a consumer should cache the metadata contained in the element and any contained elements.
Public PropertiesContactPeopleGets the list of ContactPerson.
Public PropertiesEntityIdGets or sets the unique identifier of the SAML entity whose metadata is described by the element's contents.
Public PropertiesExtensionsGets or sets the metadata extensions.
Public PropertiesIdOverridden. Gets or sets the document-unique identifier for the element, typically used as a reference point when signing.
Public PropertiesIdpSsoDescriptorsGets the list of IdpSsoDescriptor.
Public PropertiesOrganizationGets or sets the organization responsible for the SAML entity described by the element.
Public PropertiesPdpDescriptorsGets the list of PdpDescriptor.
Public PropertiesRoleDescriptorsGets the list of RoleDescriptor.
Public PropertiesSpSsoDescriptorsGets the list of SpSsoDescriptor.
Public PropertiesValidUntilGets or sets the expiration time of the metadata contained in the element and any contained elements.

Protected Properties

Protected PropertiesDefaultInclusiveNamespacesPrefixListReturns the default inclusive namespaces prefix list. (Inherited from SignableMetadataSaml2Object)

Public Methods

Public MethodsGetXmlOverridden. Converts the object into XML data.
Public MethodsStatic MemberIsValidInidicates whether the element is valid or not.

Protected Methods

Protected MethodsCreateSignedXmlOverridden. Creates a SAML Signed XML object.

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