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      Bounce Inspector Component

      Thank you for choosing UltimateBounceInspector! 

      With UltimateBounceInspector library, your .NET applications can easily categorize bounced e-mail messages with a few lines of code. The result after processing can be used to update your address list, create reports, etc. You do not need to have knowledge of how IMAP, POP3 and EML parser are implemented. UltimateBounceInspector does all such difficult tasks for you. You can quickly integrate our UltimateBounceInspector component into your WinForms application with just doing Drag and Drop from the Visual Studio Toolbox on your WinForms.

      You can also find information about the following in this manual:

      • Ultimate Overview.
      • Installation and Deployment Instructions.
      • How to process EML and Outlook MSG files.
      • How to download and process messages from IMAP or POP3 server.
      • Class Reference.


      Please contact if you have any question.