ContentDispositionRepresents the content disposition of a MIME entity.
ContentLocationRepresents the content location of a MIME entity.
ContentTransferEncodingRepresents the content transfer encoding of a MIME entity.
ContentTypeRepresents the content type of a MIME entity.
HeaderValueCollectionRepresents the collection of header values.
ListCommandUrlRepresents a single URL of any of various 'List-*:' headers.
ListCommandUrlCollectionRepresents the collection of ListCommandUrl objects.
MailAddressRepresents a mailbox that consists of address and a display name.
MailAddressCollectionRepresents the collection of MailAddress objects.
MailDateTimeRepresents the date/time and the time zone.
MessageIdentifierRepresents the message identifier.
MessageIdentifierCollectionRepresents the collection of MessageIdentifier objects.
MimeParameterListRepresents the collection of MIME header parameters.
MimeVersionRepresents the 'MIME-Version' header value
PhraseCollectionRepresents the collection of phrases.
ReceivedRepresents a trace data header of arbitrary text.
ReturnPathRepresents a mailbox that consists of address and a display name.
UnparsedRepresents a header value that is not processed by the component in any way. Use with care.
UnstructuredRepresents an unstructured header of arbitrary text.