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      ImapMessageCollection Class Members

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      The following tables list the members exposed by ImapMessageCollection.

      Public Constructors

      Public ConstructorsImapMessageCollection Constructor()Initializes a new instance of the ImapMessageCollection class.

      Public Properties

      Public PropertiesCountGets the number of elements contained in the ImapMessageCollection.
      Public PropertiesSyncRootGets an object that can be used to synchronize access to the ImapMessageCollection.

      Public Methods

      Public MethodsAddAdds the ImapMessage to the ImapMessageCollection.
      Public MethodsClearRemoves all items from the collection.
      Public MethodsCloneCreates a shallow copy of the ImapMessageCollection.
      Public MethodsContainsDetermines whether the specified item is present in the ImapMessageCollection.
      Public MethodsCopyToCopies the range of elements from the ImapMessageCollection to a one-dimensional ImapMessage array, starting at the specified index of the target array.
      Public MethodsFindOverloaded. Returns the ImapMessage of the specified unique id.
      Public MethodsGetEnumeratorOverloaded. Gets an IEnumerator for the ImapMessageCollection collection.
      Public MethodsIndexOfReturns a zero-based index of the specified item within the ImapMessageCollection, or -1 if not found.
      Public MethodsInsertInserts the ImapMessage at the specified position in the ImapMessageCollection.
      Public MethodsRemoveOverloaded. Removes the specified ImapMessage from the ImapMessageCollection.
      Public MethodsRemoveAtRemoves the ImapMessage at the specified index from the ImapMessageCollection.
      Public MethodsSortOverloaded. Sorts the messages in the entire ImapMessageCollection by sequence number ascending.
      Public MethodsToSequenceNumberMessageSetReturns an ImapMessageIdCollection that contains sequence numbers of messages in this collection.
      Public MethodsToUniqueIdMessageSetReturns an ImapMessageIdCollection that contains unique IDs of messages in this collection.


      IndexersImapMessageCollectionGets the ImapMessage at the specified index.

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