The following tables list the members exposed by MailMessage.

      Public Constructors

      Public ConstructorsMailMessage ConstructorOverloaded. Initializes a new instance of the MailMessage from the specified mail message file.

      Protected Constructors


      Public Properties

      Public PropertiesAlternateViewsGets the collection of alternate forms of the message body.
      Public PropertiesAttachmentsGets the collection of attachments of this message.
      Public PropertiesBccGets or sets the list of addresses of recipients that are not to be revealed to other recipients of the message.
      Public PropertiesBodyHtmlGets the HTML body of the message, or an empty string if it has no HTML body.
      Public PropertiesBodyTextGets the text body of the message, or an empty string if it has no text body.
      Public PropertiesCCGets or sets the list of addresses of others who are to receive the message.
      Public PropertiesDateGets or sets the origination date of this message. If origination date is not available, return the date specified by the first 'Received' header.
      Public PropertiesDecryptableGets a value indicating whether the message can be decrypted.
      Public PropertiesDefaultCharsetGets or sets the default charset for MIME body and headers.
      Public PropertiesEncryptionAlgorithmGets an encryption algorithm used to encrypt an encrypted message.
      Public PropertiesEnvelopeIdGets or sets the envelope identifier to be transmitted along with the message and included in any DSNs issued.
      Public PropertiesFromGets or sets the list of authors of this message.
      Public PropertiesHasBodyHtmlGets the value indicating whether the message has a HTML body.
      Public PropertiesHasBodyTextGets the value indicating whether the message has a text body.
      Public PropertiesHeadersGets the list of headers of this entity.
      Public PropertiesInReplyToGets or sets the list of identifiers of messages to which the message is a reply.
      Public PropertiesIsEncryptedGets a value indicating whether the message is encrypted.
      Public PropertiesIsSignedGets a value indicating whether the message is signed.
      Public PropertiesLinkedResourcesGets the collection of embedded resources referred by message views.
      Public PropertiesMessageIdentifierGets or sets the unique identifier of the message.
      Public PropertiesOptionsGets or sets various options for MIME parser and writer.
      Public PropertiesPriorityGets or sets the priority of the message.
      Public PropertiesReadOnlyGets a value indicating whether the message is read-only.
      Public PropertiesReceivedDateGets the received date of this message.
      Public PropertiesRecipientsGets the collection of recipients of an encrypted message.
      Public PropertiesReplyToGets or sets the list of addresses that should receive replies to this message.
      Public PropertiesSenderGets or sets the sender of this message.
      Public PropertiesSettingsGets or sets MailMessage object settings.
      Public PropertiesSignersGets the collection of signers of a signed message.
      Public PropertiesSilentGets or sets a value indicating whether Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP) operations are permitted to display any user interface.
      Public PropertiesSubjectGets or sets the subject of the message.
      Public PropertiesToGets or sets the list of addresses of primary recipients of the message.

      Public Methods

      Public MethodsCloneCreates a copy of this message.
      Public MethodsCreateReplyOverloaded. Creates a new message that is a reply to the current message.
      Public MethodsDecryptDecrypts an encrypted message, making the content accessible.
      Public MethodsEncryptOverloaded. Encrypts a message.
      Public MethodsLoadOverloaded. Loads a mail message from the supplied stream.
      Public MethodsRemoveSignatureRemoves a signature from a signed message.
      Public MethodsSaveOverloaded. Saves the mail message to the supplied stream in MIME format.
      Public MethodsSignOverloaded. Signs a message.
      Public MethodsToByteArrayReturns a byte array representation of the mail message. This is the same as the content of a file saved using the Save message.
      Public MethodsToMimeMessageConverts a MailMessage to a MimeMessage.
      Public MethodsValidateSignatureOverloaded. Validates all digital signatures on a signed message and validates all the signers' certificates.

      Public Operators

      Public OperatorsImplicit Type ConversionConverts a MimeMessage to a MailMessage.

      Public Events

      Public EventsUnparsableHeaderOccurs when an unparsable header is encountered while parsing a MIME message.

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