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      MailSettings Class Members

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      The following tables list the members exposed by MailSettings.

      Public Constructors

      Public ConstructorsMailSettings Constructor()Initializes a new instance of the MailSettings class.

      Public Properties

      Public PropertiesAlwaysWriteContentTransferEncodingAlways write the content-transfer-encoding, even if it has default value of "7bit"
      Public PropertiesDisableEncryptionKeyPreferenceDo not include encryption key preference attribute in signed message attributes.
      Public PropertiesDisableSMimeCapabilitiesAttributeDo not include S/MIME options attribute in signed message attributes.
      Public PropertiesDisableSinglePartHtmlWorkaroundDisable a workaround for broken mail clients such as Mac mail that don't correctly parse HTML-only messages. By default, MailMessage class constructs a single-part multipart/alternative structure to solve this. This property turns off this behavior.
      Public PropertiesDoNotAddDateIfNoSubjectAndFromDo not automatically add a date header if 'date', 'subject' or 'from' headers are missing from a top-level or embedded message.
      Public PropertiesDoNotParseMimeTreeIgnore the MIME tree and parse the message as a single-level entity.
      Public PropertiesDoNotQuoteProblematicSequencesDisable encoding of leading 'F', '.' and '-' character in body parts using quoted-printable content transfer encoding. These leading characters used to cause problems to legacy mail transfer agents, so quoted-printable-encoding them was used as a workaround that doesn't cause any problems to properly-implemented mail agents.
      Public PropertiesIgnoreInvalidTnefMessagesIgnore invalid TNEF (winmail.dat) attachments when parsing mail message.
      Public PropertiesIgnoreUnparsableHeadersIgnore unparsable headers when parsing mail message.
      Public PropertiesIgnoreUnparsableSignaturesIgnore unparsable S/MIME signature entities when parsing mail message.
      Public PropertiesLoadMsgPropertiesLoad Outlook MSG properties into custom MIME headers. All these MIME headers start with X-Outlook- string.
      Public PropertiesOnlyParseHeadersOnly parse message headers and ignore the body.
      Public PropertiesPreferExplicitBodyPrefer BodyText and BodyHtml to be taken from its original .msg message fields. Default is false, which means BodyText and BodyHtml are taken from BodyRtf if possible (if embedded).
      Public PropertiesProcessAllHeadersParse and reencode all headers, even when not needed or modified.
      Public PropertiesRtfModeThe mode to process RTF in mails.
      Public PropertiesSkipCertificateUsageCheckSkip certificate usage check.
      Public PropertiesSkipSenderCheckSkip sender check.
      Public PropertiesSkipTnefMessageProcessingSkip TNEF (winmail.dat) attachment processing. If specified, the 'winmail.dat' attachment is not processed at all.

      Public Methods

      Public MethodsCloneCreates a new object that is a shallow copy of the current instance.

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