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      ComponentPro.Net.Mail.MimeEntity Properties

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      For a list of all members of this type, see MimeEntity members.

      Public Properties

      Public PropertiesCharsetGets the charset (Encoding) of the content of this entity.
      Public PropertiesContentDescriptionGets or sets the content description of this entity.
      Public PropertiesContentDispositionGets or sets the content disposition of this entity.
      Public PropertiesContentIdentifierGets or sets the content ID of this entity.
      Public PropertiesContentLocationGets or sets the content location of this entity.
      Public PropertiesContentMessageGets the inner message of a 'message/rfc822' entity.
      Public PropertiesContentStringGets the content string of this entity.
      Public PropertiesContentTransferEncodingGets or sets the content transfer encoding of this entity.
      Public PropertiesContentTypeGets or sets the content type of this entity.
      Public PropertiesDefaultCharsetGets or sets the default charset for MIME body and headers.
      Public PropertiesEpilogueGets or sets the epilogue of this multipart entity.
      Public PropertiesHeadersGets the list of headers of this entity.
      Public PropertiesIsMultipartDetermines whether the entity is a multipart entity.
      Public PropertiesKindGets the type of the entity.
      Public PropertiesNameGets or sets the suggested file name of this entity, if it is present.
      Public PropertiesOptionsGets or sets various options for MIME parser and writer.
      Public PropertiesParentGets or sets the parent of this entity.
      Public PropertiesPartsGets the list of child parts of this entity.
      Public PropertiesPreambleGets or sets the preamble of this multipart entity.
      Public PropertiesReadOnlyGets or sets a value indicating whether the entity is read-only.
      Public PropertiesSignatureStyleGets or sets the signature style of a signed entity container. This property is only intended for entities with signed content.
      Public PropertiesSilentGets or sets a value indicating whether Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP) operations are permitted to display any user interface.
      Public PropertiesTransferEncodingGets or sets the TransferEncoding of the content of this entity.

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