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      Pop3Message Class Members

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      The following tables list the members exposed by Pop3Message.

      Public Properties

      Public PropertiesCCGets or sets the list of addresses of others who are to receive the message.
      Public PropertiesDateGets the origination date of this message.
      Public PropertiesFromGets the list of authors of this message.
      Public PropertiesHeadersGets the list of headers of this entity.
      Public PropertiesHeadersParsedGets the value indicating whether the message headers were parsed.
      Public PropertiesHeadersParsingErrorGets an error that occurred during message headers parsing.
      Public PropertiesInReplyToGets the list of identifiers of messages to which the message is a reply.
      Public PropertiesMessageIdentifierGets the unique identifier of the message.
      Public PropertiesMessageInboxIndexGets the message sequence number.
      Public PropertiesReceivedDateGets the received date of this message.
      Public PropertiesReplyToGets the list of addresses that should receive replies to this message.
      Public PropertiesSenderGets the sender of this message. May be null.
      Public PropertiesSizeGets the length of the message.
      Public PropertiesSubjectGets the subject of the message.
      Public PropertiesToGets the list of addresses of primary recipients of the message.
      Public PropertiesUniqueIdGets the unique ID of the message.

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