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      SmtpSendOptions Class Members

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      The following tables list the members exposed by SmtpSendOptions.

      Public Constructors

      Public ConstructorsSmtpSendOptions ConstructorOverloaded. Creates a new instance of SmtpSendOptions class.

      Public Properties

      Public PropertiesAuthenticationMethodGets or sets the authentication method.
      Public PropertiesConfigGets or sets Smtp settings.
      Public PropertiesStatic MemberDefaultGets the default SmtpSendOptions instance read from application configuration file.
      Public PropertiesFromGets or sets the message sender address.
      Public PropertiesParametersGets or sets the security parameters.
      Public PropertiesPasswordGets or sets the password used for SMTP authentication.
      Public PropertiesPickupDirectoryPathGets or sets the pickup directory path (used with SmtpDeliveryMethod.IisPickupDirectory).
      Public PropertiesProxyGets or sets the network proxy to use to access a remote server.
      Public PropertiesServerNameGets or sets the server address - a hostname or a dotted string address.
      Public PropertiesServerPortGets or sets the server port (e.g. 25).
      Public PropertiesSslSecurityModeGets or sets the connection security mode.
      Public PropertiesUseDefaultCredentialsGets or sets the value indicating whether to use the credentials of the current user to log in.
      Public PropertiesUseIisPickupDirectoryGets or sets a boolean value indicating whether to use IIS Pickup Directory for sending messages.
      Public PropertiesUseSystemSmtpClientGets or sets a boolean value indicating whether to use standard SmtpClient to send email messages. Default value is false.
      Public PropertiesUserNameGets or sets the user name used for SMTP authentication.

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