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      SecureShellConnection Class Members

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      The following tables list the members exposed by SecureShellConnection.

      Public Constructors

      Public ConstructorsSecureShellConnection ConstructorOverloaded. Initializes an instance of the SecureShellConnection class.

      Public Properties

      Public PropertiesCipherGets the active cipher.
      Public PropertiesEncodingGets or sets the Encoding to use to encode and decode command parameters and server responses.
      Public PropertiesFingerprintGets the server public key fingerprint.
      Public PropertiesInformationGets socket information on the underlying socket object.
      Public PropertiesInstanceIdGets instance ID (intended for logging purposes). (Inherited from NetClient)
      Public PropertiesInvokeFromCurrentThreadsGets a value indicating whether to raise events from the current thread or to use a SynchronizationContext object available when an asynchronous operation was started. The default value is false.
      Public PropertiesIsAuthenticatedOverridden. Gets a value indicating whether the session is authenticated.
      Public PropertiesIsBusyOverridden. Gets a value indicating whether the server is busy.
      Public PropertiesIsConnectedOverridden. Gets a value indicating whether the session is connected.
      Public PropertiesLocalEndPointGets the local endpoint.
      Public PropertiesOptionsGets or sets SecureShellConnection options.
      Public PropertiesParametersGets or sets the security parameters of the current socket.
      Public PropertiesRemoteEndPointGets the remote endpoint.
      Public PropertiesServerIdentificationGets the server's identification string it returns after connected.
      Public PropertiesServerKeyGets the server public key.
      Public PropertiesServerNameGets the server name, if available. (Inherited from NetClient)
      Public PropertiesServerPortGets the server port, if available. (Inherited from NetClient)
      Public PropertiesSocketGets the internal ISocket value.
      Public PropertiesStateGets the current session state.
      Public PropertiesTimeoutGets or sets the length of time before the operation times out (specify -1 or 0 to indicate that the request does not time out).
      Public PropertiesUserNameGets the authenticated user name, if available. (Inherited from NetClient)

      Public Fields

      Public FieldsStatic MemberDefaultPortDefault SSH port (22).

      Public Methods

      Public MethodsAcceptTcpIpForwardOverloaded. Accepts a forwarded incoming connection. If there is no incoming connection in the queue, waits indefinitely.
      Public MethodsAuthenticateOverloaded. Authenticates the specified user.
      Public MethodsChangePasswordChanges the specified user's password on the SSH server and authenticates.
      Public MethodsConnectOverloaded. Establishes a connection to port 22 of an SSH server.
      Public MethodsDisconnectTerminates the SSH session.
      Public MethodsDisposeDisposes the SecureShellConnection object and the underlying socket object.
      Public MethodsKeepAliveSends an SSH_MSG_IGNORE packet to the server.
      Public MethodsNegotiateRequests and/or performs a key exchange.
      Public MethodsOpenChannelOpens an SSH channel of the specified type.
      Public MethodsOpenSessionOpens an SSH session channel.
      Public MethodsOpenTcpIpTunnelOverloaded. Opens an outgoing TCP/IP tunnel to the specified remote endpoint.
      Public MethodsStartTcpIpForwardStarts incoming TCP/IP tunnel on the specified IP address and port at the SSH server.
      Public MethodsStopTcpIpForwardStops an incoming TCP/IP tunnel.
      Public MethodsToSocketFactoryGets a socket factory that creates socket tunneled through this SSH session.

      Protected Methods


      Public Events

      Public EventsBannerOccurs when a banner message is received from the server.
      Public EventsForwardingRequestOccurs when a forwarding request received.
      Public EventsHostKeyVerifyingOccurs when a fingerprint is received from the server and needs to be validated.
      Public EventsKeyboardInteractiveAuthenticationOccurs when an authentication request is received from the server that cannot be answered programatically.
      Public EventsPasswordChangeRequestOccurs when user's password need to be changed.

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