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ComponentPro.Diagnostics.XTrace Methods

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Public Methods

Public MethodsCloseFlushes the output buffer, and then closes the Listeners.
Public MethodsFlushFlushes the output buffer, and causes buffered data to be written to the Listeners.
Public MethodsHasListenersGets a boolean value indicating whether at least one listener has been attached.
Public MethodsIndentIncreases the current IndentLevel by one.
Public MethodsShouldLogOverloaded. Indicates whether futher log message with severity lesser or equal to the specicifed level should be logged.
Public MethodsUnindentDecreases the current IndentLevel by one.
Public MethodsStatic MemberWriteLineOverloaded. Writes a category name and the value of the object's ToString method to the trace listeners in the Listeners collection.

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