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      FileSystemTransferStatistics Class Members

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      The following tables list the members exposed by FileSystemTransferStatistics.

      Public Constructors

      Public ConstructorsFileSystemTransferStatistics Constructor()Initializes a new instance of the FileSystemTransferStatistics class.

      Public Properties

      Public PropertiesBytesPerSecondGets the number of transferred bytes per second. It's only available when the transfer operation completes.
      Public PropertiesDirectoriesProcessedGets the total number of directories successfully processed.
      Public PropertiesDirectoriesSkippedGets the total number of directories skipped.
      Public PropertiesElapsedTimeGets the amount of time that has passed since the operation started if the operation is still in progress; or the amount of time since the operation started to its end.
      Public PropertiesEndedGets the end time of the operation.
      Public PropertiesFileListGets the list of files and directories that have been processed or being processed, or a null reference if RetainFileList is false (to reduce memory footprint while transferring multiple files by default). See example code of this property to know how to access the file list.
      Public PropertiesFilesProcessedGets the total number of files successfully processed.
      Public PropertiesFilesSkippedGets the total number of files skipped.
      Public PropertiesLastExceptionGets the last error encoutered while processing items.
      Public PropertiesOptionsGets the multi-file operation's options.
      Public PropertiesStartedGets the start time of the operation.
      Public PropertiesThreadsGets the list of TransferThreadInfo objects used in the multi-thread transfers. In single-thread transfers, this property returns null.
      Public PropertiesTotalBytesGets the total number of bytes to transfer.
      Public PropertiesTotalBytesSkippedGets the total number of bytes skipped.
      Public PropertiesTotalBytesTransferredGets the total number of bytes successfully transferred/processed.
      Public PropertiesTotalDirectoriesGets the total number of files to transfer.
      Public PropertiesTotalFilesGets the total number of files to transfer.
      Public PropertiesTotalPercentageGets the total progress percentage. This property is only available when the BuildDirectoryTree property of the TransferOptions object has been set to true.

      Public Methods

      Public MethodsGetTagGets the user-defined object associated with the specified key.
      Public MethodsSetTagAssigns the specified user-defined object to the specified key.

      Public Events

      Public EventsProgressOccurs when a block of data is transferred or a file operation is being or has been executed.
      Public EventsTransferConfirmOccurs when an issue (e.g. existing file found, symlink detected or a transfer error encountered) has been detected while transferring files.

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