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      ComponentPro.IO.FileSystem Properties

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      Public Properties

      Public PropertiesStatic MemberBytesPerSecondUpdateIntervalGets or sets the number of milliseconds to update the BytesPerSecond property. The default value is 400 ms.
      Public PropertiesDirectorySeparatorsGets an array containing the characters that are directory separators.
      Virtual Public PropertiesFileInfoPartsToGetBeforeTransferringSpecifies which information of the source file will be obtained before transferring.
      Virtual Public PropertiesInvalidFileNameCharsGets or sets an array containing the characters that are not allowed in file or directory names, or null if this file system accepts all characters in file name.
      Virtual Public PropertiesInvalidFileNameCharsSubstitutionGets or sets the substitution character that will replace the invalid characters found in file or directory name while copying files from another file system.
      Public PropertiesInvalidPathCharsGets an array containing the characters that are not allowed in path names.
      Public PropertiesInvokeFromCurrentThreadsGets a value indicating whether to raise events from the current thread or to use a SynchronizationContext object available when an asynchronous operation was started. The default value is false.
      Virtual Public PropertiesProgressIntervalGets or sets the length of the interval in milliseconds between the Progress events fired during transfer. The default value is 100 ms.
      Virtual Public PropertiesRestoreFilePropertiesGets or sets a boolean value indicating whether to restore file properties including LastWriteTime and CreationTime after downloading or uploading if possible.
      Virtual Public PropertiesServerTimeZoneOffsetThis value is used to synchronize the CreationTime and LastWriteTime of files after a transfer. The default value is TimeSpan.Zero.
      Virtual Public PropertiesThreadIdGets the thread id.
      Virtual Public PropertiesTraceListenerManagerGets or sets the TraceListenerManager object to which the log messages generated by this object are sent. If not set, the Default trace listener manager is used. If this property is set to null, all messages from this object wont be logged.
      Virtual Public PropertiesTraceSourceGets or sets the source object for all log messages generated by this object. If not set, the property returns the current object.
      Public PropertiesUniqueIdGets the unique object id.

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