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ComponentPro.IO.IRemoteFileSystem Events

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Public Events

Public EventsAuthenticateCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous AuthenticateAsync operation completes.
Public EventsConnectCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous ConnectAsync operation completes.
Public EventsDisconnectCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous DisconnectAsync operation completes.
Public EventsDownloadCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous DownloadAsync operation completes.
Public EventsDownloadFileCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous DownloadFileAsync operation completes.
Public EventsKeepAliveCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous KeepAliveAsync operation completes.
Public EventsReconnectedOccurs when the file system has encountered an error and has reconnected to the server successfully.
Public EventsReconnectingOccurs when the file system has encountered an error and is reconnecting to the server.
Public EventsReconnectionErrorCheckingOccurs when the file system has encountered an error and needs to determine whether it should reconnect to the server.
Public EventsStateChangedOccurs when the state of the remote file system is changed.
Public EventsUploadCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous UploadAsync operation completes.
Public EventsUploadFileCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous UploadFileAsync operation completes.

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