The following tables list the members exposed by ProgressFileItem.

      Public Constructors

      Public ConstructorsProgressFileItem Constructor(FileInfoBase, FileInfoBase)Initializes a new instance of the ProgressFileItem with the specified source and destination files.

      Public Properties

      Public PropertiesBytesPerSecondGets the transfer speed - the number of bytes per second.
      Public PropertiesBytesTransferredGets the number of bytes transferred since the beginning of the current multi-file transfer.
      Public PropertiesChildrenCountGets the number of children.
      Public PropertiesDestinationFileInfoGets the destination file info, or a null reference (Nothing in VB.NET) if not available.
      Public PropertiesDestinationOffsetGets the destination file or data stream initial offset.
      Public PropertiesDestinationStreamGets the destination stream, or a null reference if not available.
      Public PropertiesElapsedTimeGets the elapsed time of the transfer.
      Public PropertiesEndedGets the end time.
      Public PropertiesErrorGets the error encountered while doing a file or directory operation.
      Public PropertiesFileOverwriteModeSpecifies actions to resolve file existing issue while transferring files in a TransferQueue.
      Public PropertiesFirstChildGets the first child node.
      Public PropertiesLengthGets the size of the source data to transfer in bytes, or -1 if not available.
      Public PropertiesNextSiblingGets the next sibling node.
      Public PropertiesOwnerGets the owner list.
      Public PropertiesParentGets the parent node.
      Public PropertiesPercentageGets the current file transfer progress percentage.
      Public PropertiesPrioritySpecifies the transfer priority of the item while transferring files in a TransferQueue.
      Public PropertiesRemainingTimeGets the remaining time to transfer the rest of data of the current file.
      Public PropertiesSourceFileInfoGets the source file info, or a null reference (Nothing in VB.NET) if not available.
      Public PropertiesSourceOffsetGets the source file initial offset.
      Public PropertiesSourceStreamGets the source stream, or a null if not available.
      Public PropertiesStartedGets the start time.
      Public PropertiesStateGets the state of the item.
      Public PropertiesTagGets or sets the user-defined object associated with this item.
      Public PropertiesTransferStatisticsGets the transfer statistics.

      Public Methods

      Public MethodsCancelCancels the whole operation. It will throw the FileSystemOperationCanceledException.
      Public MethodsCheckForCancellationChecks if the current operation is being aborted or skipped. If the current item is being skipped it returns false. If the current operation is being aborted it throw the FileSystemOperationCanceledException and cancel the whole operation.
      Public MethodsSkipCancels the current operation on this item only. The whole operation still continues.
      Public MethodsToStringOverridden. Returns a string that represents the current item.

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