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SyncFolderAnalysisEventArgs Class Members

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The following tables list the members exposed by SyncFolderAnalysisEventArgs.

Public Properties

Public PropertiesActionsGets the actions to be performed on the folders during the synchronization.
Public PropertiesFoldersGets the folders that have been analysed.
Public PropertiesIsFirstSynchronizationGets a boolean value indicating whether this is the first synchronization with the current items. (Inherited from SyncEventArgs)
Public PropertiesIsPartOfAFolderSynchronizationGets a boolean value indicating whether the current synchronization is part of a larger synchronization job where folders are being synchronized. (Inherited from SyncEventArgs)
Public PropertiesMasterFolderGets the master folder, in relation to Folders.
Public PropertiesMasterFolderIndexGets the index of the master folder, in relation to Folders.
Public PropertiesOptionsGets or set the SyncOptions that will be used for the current synchronization job. (Inherited from SyncEventArgs)
Public PropertiesSynchronizationSessionNameGets the name of the synchronization session.
Public PropertiesUserDataGets or sets the opaque data that will be sent back to the event handler whenever an event is raised. (Inherited from SyncEventArgs)

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