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      ComponentPro.IO.TransferQueue Methods

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      For a list of all members of this type, see TransferQueue members.

      Public Methods

      Public MethodsAddAdds a file to the queue.
      Public MethodsClearStops and clears the queue. (Inherited from Transferrer)
      Public MethodsDisposeOverridden. Releases the used resources.
      Public MethodsResetStops and reset the queue. (Inherited from Transferrer)
      Public MethodsSortSorts the file list by priority. (Inherited from Transferrer)
      Public MethodsStartStarts transferring files in the queue asynchronously.
      Public MethodsStopOverridden. Stops the queue.
      Public MethodsWaitOverridden. Waits until all threads are paused or completed.

      Protected Methods

      Protected MethodsOnItemProcessedRaises the ItemProcessed event. (Inherited from Transferrer)
      Virtual Protected MethodsOnStateChangedRaises the StateChanged event.

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