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      ComponentPro.IO.TransferQueue Properties

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      For a list of all members of this type, see TransferQueue members.

      Public Properties

      Public PropertiesIdleConnectionClosingTimeGets or sets the amount of allowed time, in milliseconds, of an idle connection. When a connection is idle for more than the specified time, it will be closed.
      Public PropertiesIsDisposedIndicates whether the object was disposed.
      Public PropertiesOptionsGets or sets the global transfer options.
      Public PropertiesReuseRemoteConnectionGets or sets a boolean value indicating whether to reuse remote connection of the adding file's remote file system.
      Public PropertiesStateGets the state of the queue.
      Public PropertiesStatisticsGets the transfer statistics of the queue.
      Public PropertiesThreadsGets or sets the number of threads for simultaneous transfers.
      Public PropertiesTraceListenerManagerGets or sets the TraceListenerManager object to which the log messages generated by this object are sent. If not set, the Default trace listener manager is used. If this property is set to null, all messages from this object wont be logged.
      Public PropertiesTraceSourceGets or sets the source object for all log messages generated by this object. If not set, the property returns the current object.

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