FileAccessDefines read/write access to a file.
      FileChecksumTypeSpecifies the type of checksum used for the GetFileChecksum method.
      FileComparisonResultRepresents the file comparison result. This result enum is used for the property ComparisonResult.
      FileInfoComparisonMethodDefines the possible comparison types for the FileInfoComparer class.
      FileModeDefines file open mode.
      FileOverwriteModeSpecifies actions to resolve file existing issue.
      FileShareContains constants for controlling the kind of access other FileStream objects can have to the same file.
      FileSystemExceptionStatusSpecifies status of the error for the FileSystemException class.
      FileSystemFeaturesSpecifies features of a file system.
      FileTransferTypeDefines common modes for transferring files, usually ascii and binary.
      GetItemInfoPartsIndicates which information of the source file will be obtained before transferring.
      RemoteFileSystemStateSpecifies the state of an remote file system object.
      RemoteServerOsSpecifies the server OS type.
      SearchActionDefines the actions used to determine whether to add files to the search result returned by the Search methods.
      SearchConditionFileTimeTypesSpecifies the search file time types.
      SearchConditionFileTypesSpecifies search file types.
      SearchConditionResultDefines search condition matching result. It indicates if a file item was accepted or rejected by a search condition.
      SymlinksResolveActionSpecifies actions taken on symlinks.
      TimeResolutionSpecifies the time resolutions used for comparisons.
      TransferConfirmNextActionsDefines the action to resolve the current issue detected using the TransferConfirm event.
      TransferConfirmReasonDefines detailed specification of a problem that occurred during the file transfer.
      TransferFileOverwriteConditionDefines the conditions for overwriting an existing file in a handler of the TransferConfirm event.
      TransferQueueStateDefines the transfer queue states.
      TransferStateSpecifies the state of a file transfer.
      TransferThreadStateDefines the state of transfer threads.