The following tables list the members exposed by FtpWebRequest.

      Public Properties

      Public PropertiesContentLengthOverridden. Gets or sets the Content-length HTTP header.
      Public PropertiesContentTypeOverridden. Gets or sets the value of the Content-type HTTP header.
      Public PropertiesStatic MemberCreatorGets the instance of IWebRequestCreate for registering with WebRequest.Create.
      Public PropertiesCredentialsOverridden. Gets or sets the credentials to submit to the proxy server for authentication.
      Public PropertiesHeadersOverridden. Gets or sets a collection of the name/value pairs that make up the HTTP headers.
      Public PropertiesMethodOverridden. Gets or sets the method for the request.
      Public PropertiesPreAuthenticateOverridden. Gets or sets a value indicating whether to send a preauthentication header with the request.
      Public PropertiesProxyOverridden. Gets or sets proxy information for the request.
      Public PropertiesRequestUriOverridden. Gets the URI of the request.
      Public PropertiesSslConfigBaseGets or sets TLS/SSL security parameters.
      Public PropertiesSslSecurityModeGets or sets the SSL security mode.
      Public PropertiesTimeoutOverridden. Gets or sets the time-out value (in milliseconds) for a request.

      Public Methods

      Public MethodsAbortOverridden. Cancels an asynchronous FTP request.
      Public MethodsBeginGetRequestStreamOverridden. Begins an asynchronous request for a Stream instance to use to write data.
      Public MethodsBeginGetResponseOverridden. Begins an asynchronous request for a FtpWebResponse instance to use to write data.
      Public MethodsEndGetRequestStreamOverridden. Ends a pending asynchronous request for a Stream instance.
      Public MethodsEndGetResponseOverridden. Ends a pending asynchronous request for a FtpWebResponse instance.
      Public MethodsGetRequestStreamOverridden. Gets a Stream instance to use to write request data.
      Public MethodsGetResponseOverridden. Returns WebResponse instance to use to write data.

      Protected Methods

      Virtual Protected MethodsOnCommandResponseRaises the CommandResponse event.
      Virtual Protected MethodsOnProgressRaises the Progress event.
      Virtual Protected MethodsOnStateChangedRaises the StateChanged event.

      Public Events

      Public EventsCommandResponseOccurs when a command is sent to the server or a response is received from the server.
      Public EventsProgressOccurs when a block of data is sent or received.
      Public EventsStateChangedOccurs when the state of the Ftp object is changed.

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