ComponentPro UltimateFtp

      ComponentPro.Net.Ftp Events

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      Public Events

      Public EventsAppendFileCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous AppendFileAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsAuthenticateCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous AuthenticateAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsCertificateReceivedOccurs when an FTP server's certificate was received and verified.
      Public EventsCertificateRequiredOccurs when a client certificate is required by the FTP server, or the one provided was not accepted.
      Public EventsClearCommandChannelCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous ClearCommandChannelAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsCommandResponseOccurs when a command is sent to the server or a response is received.
      Public EventsConnectCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous ConnectAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsCopyFromCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous CopyFromAsync operation completes. (Inherited from FileSystem)
      Public EventsCopyToCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous CopyToAsync operation completes. (Inherited from FileSystem)
      Public EventsCreateDirectoryCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous CreateDirectoryAsync operation completes. (Inherited from FileSystem)
      Public EventsDeleteCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous DeleteAsync operation completes. (Inherited from FileSystem)
      Public EventsDeleteDirectoryCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous DeleteDirectoryAsync operation completes. (Inherited from FileSystem)
      Public EventsDeleteFileCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous DeleteFileAsync operation completes. (Inherited from FileSystem)
      Public EventsDirectoryExistsCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous DirectoryExistsAsync operation completes. (Inherited from FileSystem)
      Public EventsDisconnectCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous DisconnectAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsDownloadCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous DownloadAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsDownloadFileCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous DownloadFileAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsFileExistsCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous FileExistsAsync operation completes. (Inherited from FileSystem)
      Public EventsFlushCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous FlushAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsGetCurrentDirectoryCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous GetCurrentDirectoryAsync operation completes. (Inherited from FileSystem)
      Public EventsGetDirectorySizeCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous GetDirectorySizeAsync operation completes. (Inherited from FileSystem)
      Public EventsGetDownloadStreamCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous GetDownloadStreamAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsGetFileChecksumCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous GetFileChecksumAsync operation completes. (Inherited from FileSystem)
      Public EventsGetFileLengthCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous GetFileLengthAsync operation completes. (Inherited from FileSystem)
      Public EventsGetItemInfoCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous GetItemInfoAsync operation completes. (Inherited from FileSystem)
      Public EventsGetLastWriteTimeCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous GetLastWriteTimeAsync operation completes. (Inherited from FileSystem)
      Public EventsGetServerTimeDifferenceCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous GetServerTimeDifference operation completes.
      Public EventsGetSystemNameCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous GetSystemNameAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsGetUploadStreamCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous GetUploadStreamAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsKeepAliveCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous KeepAliveAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsListDirectoryCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous ListDirectoryAsync operation completes. (Inherited from FileSystem)
      Public EventsListItemReceivedOccurs when a file and directory listing item is received by the ListDirectory, ListRawName or ListName methods.
      Public EventsListNameCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous ListNameAsync operation completes. (Inherited from FileSystem)
      Public EventsListProgressOccurs when the state of the Ftp object is changed.
      Public EventsListRawNameCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous ListRawNameAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsMoveCompletedOccurs after a MoveAsync call has been completed. (Inherited from FileSystem)
      Public EventsProgressOccurs when a block of data is transferred, or a file operation is being or has been executed. (Inherited from FileSystem)
      Public EventsQuickSynchronizeCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous QuickSynchronizeAsync operation completes. (Inherited from FileSystem)
      Public EventsReadResponseCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous ReadResponseAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsReconnectedOccurs when the file system encountered an error and reconnected to the server successfully.
      Public EventsReconnectingOccurs when the file system has encountered an error and trying to reconnect to the server.
      Public EventsReconnectionErrorCheckingOccurs when the file system has encountered an error and needs to determine whether it should reconnect to the server.
      Public EventsReinitializeCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous ReinitializeAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsRemoteCopyCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous RemoteCopyAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsRenameCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous RenameAsync operation completes. (Inherited from FileSystem)
      Public EventsResumeDownloadFileCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous ResumeDownloadFileAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsResumeUploadFileCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous ResumeUploadFileAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsSearchCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous search operation completes. (Inherited from FileSystem)
      Public EventsSendCommandCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous SendCommandAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsSetCurrentDirectoryCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous SetCurrentDirectoryAsync operation completes. (Inherited from FileSystem)
      Public EventsSetFilePermissionsCompletedOccurs after a SetFilePermissionsAsync call has been completed.
      Public EventsSetLastWriteTimeCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous SetLastWriteTimeAsync operation completes. (Inherited from FileSystem)
      Public EventsSetMultipleFilesPermissionsCompletedOccurs after a SetMultipleFilesPermissionsAsync call has been completed.
      Public EventsSiteCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous SiteAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsStateChangedOccurs when the state of the Ftp object is changed.
      Public EventsThreadStateChangedOccurs when the state of the thread is changed while in a multi-thread file transfer. (Inherited from FileSystem)
      Public EventsTransferConfirmOccurs when the file system has detected an issue while transferring files such as existing file found, symlink detected or an error encountered. (Inherited from FileSystem)
      Public EventsUpgradeConnectionCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous UpgradeConnectionAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsUploadCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous UploadAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsUploadFileCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous UploadFileAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsUploadUniqueFileCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous UploadUniqueFileAsync operation completes.

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