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ISecureShellClient Interface Members

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The following tables list the members exposed by ISecureShellClient.

Public Properties

Public PropertiesConnectionGets or sets the underlying SSH connection.
Public PropertiesHostKeyGets the server's host key string.
Public PropertiesIsAuthenticatedGets a value indicating whether the session has already been authenticated.
Public PropertiesServerIdGets the server Id (welcome message) returned after a successful connection.

Public Methods

Public MethodsAuthenticateOverloaded. Authenticates to the server using GSSAPI.
Public MethodsChangePasswordChanges the password of the specified user on the SSH server.
Public MethodsKeepAliveSends a data packet to the server to keep the connection alive.
Public MethodsReuseConnectionOverloaded. Re-uses the specified connection without having to connect to the SSH server and authenticate the user.

Public Events

Public EventsBannerOccurs when a banner message is received from the server.
Public EventsHostKeyVerifyingOccurs when a fingerprint is received from the server and needs to be validated.
Public EventsKeyboardInteractiveAuthenticationOccurs when an authentication request is received from the server that cannot be answered programatically.
Public EventsPasswordChangeRequestOccurs when user's password need to be changed.

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