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      ComponentPro.Net.ProxyClient Methods

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      For a list of all members of this type, see ProxyClient members.

      Public Methods

      Public MethodsCloseDisposes this ProxyClient instance without closing the underlying connection.
      Public MethodsConnectOverloaded. Connects the client to a remote TCP host using the specified remote network endpoint.
      Public MethodsConnectAsyncOverloaded. Begins an asynchronous request for a remote host connection. The remote host is specified by an IPAddress and a port number (Int32).
      Public MethodsDisconnectInforms the proxy server that the connection is about to close and terminates the connection.
      Public MethodsGetStreamReturns the NetworkStream used to send and receive data.

      Protected Methods

      Protected MethodsDisposeOverridden. Releases the unmanaged resources used by the ProxyClient and optionally releases the managed resources.
      Protected MethodsFinalizeOverridden. Frees resources used by the ProxyClient class.
      Virtual Protected MethodsOnConnectCompletedRaises the ConnectCompleted event.

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