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      SecureShellPublicKey Class Members

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      The following tables list the members exposed by SecureShellPublicKey.

      Public Constructors

      Public ConstructorsSecureShellPublicKey ConstructorOverloaded. Loads a SSH2 public key from the specified raw data.

      Public Properties

      Public PropertiesCommentGets or sets the key comment. The comment is used while saving in some formats.
      Public PropertiesFingerprintGets the public key fingerprint.
      Public PropertiesKeyAlgorithmGets the key algorithm.
      Public PropertiesKeyAlgorithmIdGets the key algorithm ID

      Public Methods

      Public MethodsEqualsOverloaded. Overridden. Determines whether the specified object is equal to the current object.
      Public MethodsGetCertGets the inner certificate.
      Public MethodsGetDSAParametersGets the DSA parameters for a DSA key. May only be used for DSA public keys.
      Public MethodsGetHashCodeOverridden. A hash code for the current object.
      Public MethodsGetPublicKeyGets the public key in SSH format.
      Public MethodsGetRSAParametersGets the RSA parameters for a RSA key. May only be used for RSA public keys.
      Public MethodsSavePublicKeyOverloaded. Saves the public key into the supplied stream in Base64-encoded SSH2 public key format.
      Public MethodsVerifySignatureVerifies an SSH authentication signature for the specified hash.

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