The following tables list the members exposed by TlsCipher.

      Public Properties

      Public PropertiesBlockSizeGets the cipher's block size.
      Public PropertiesCbcGets the value indicating whether the cipher is a block cipher in CBC mode.
      Public PropertiesCipherAlgorithmGets the active cipher algorithm.
      Public PropertiesEffectiveKeySizeGets the effective key size.
      Public PropertiesExportableGets the value indicating whether the cipher is exportable.
      Public PropertiesKeyExchangeAlgorithmGets the selected key exchange algorithm.
      Public PropertiesKeyMaterialSizeGets the size of key material.
      Public PropertiesKeySizeGets the key size.
      Public PropertiesMacAlgorithmGets the active message authentication code (MAC) algorithm.
      Public PropertiesMacSizeGets the MAC algorithm block size.
      Public PropertiesProtocolGets the active protocol version.
      Public PropertiesSuiteReturns the cipher suite ID.

      Public Methods

      Public MethodsToStringOverridden. Returns a description of the cipher.

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