FtpExceptionStatusDefines status codes for the FtpException class.
      FtpFeaturesFTP extensions.
      FtpFileOsSpecifies detected FTP item system.
      FtpFilePermissionsUnix file permissions.
      FtpFileTypeType of FtpFileInfo.
      FtpListingTypeType of file and directory listing.
      FtpProxyTypeType of proxy to use to connect to the network.
      FtpServerTypeDefines well-known FTP servers.
      FtpSslExplicitAuthTypeType of TLS/SSL initialization.
      FtpTransferModeTransfer mode.
      MultiPartDownloadErrorTypeDefines the error types for the multi-part download operation.
      NetworkExceptionStatusDefines status codes for the NetworkException class.
      ProxyHttpConnectAuthMethodHTTP CONNECT proxy server authentication method.
      ProxySocketExceptionStatusDefines status codes for the ProxySocketException class.
      ProxyTypeType of proxy to use to connect to the remote machine.
      SecureShellAuthenticationMethodAuthentication method.
      SecureShellChangePasswordResultDefines password change results.
      SecureShellChannelExtendedDataModeSpecifies how to tread extended channel data.
      SecureShellChannelStateSSH channel state.
      SecureShellChannelTypeSSH channel type.
      SecureShellEncryptionAlgorithmEncryption algorithm.
      SecureShellEncryptionModeEncryption mode.
      SecureShellExceptionStatusDefines status codes for the SecureShellException class.
      SecureShellGssApiMechanismsDefines supported GSSAPI mechanisms.
      SecureShellHostKeyAlgorithmHost key algorithm.
      SecureShellKeyExchangeAlgorithmKey exchange algorithm.
      SecureShellMacAlgorithmMAC algorithm.
      SecureShellPrivateKeyFormatSpecifies private key file format.
      SecureShellPublicKeyFormatSpecifies public key file format.
      SecureShellStateSSH session state.
      SocketFlagsDefines socket options.
      SocketSelectModeDefines the polling modes for the Poll method.
      SocketShutdownDefines socket shutdown methods.
      SocketStateDefines all the possible states of an ISocket object
      SshOptionsSSH connection options.
      SslSecurityModeSpecifies TLS/SSL security mode.
      SspiAuthenticationMethodDefines SSPI authentication methods used for logging in the user account on the server.
      TlsBulkCipherAlgorithmBulk cipher algorithm.
      TlsCertificatePolicySpecifies the certificate policy for the server sockets.
      TlsCipherSuiteSpecifies the set of desired cipher suites.
      TlsCompressionMethodSpecifies the compression method.
      TlsConnectionEndConnection end.
      TlsKeyExchangeAlgorithmSpecifies the key exchange algorithm.
      TlsMacAlgorithmSpecifies the hashing algorithm used for TLS/SSL data packets.
      TlsSslProtocolTLS/SSL protocol version.
      TlsSslVersionDefines the supported versions of Transport Layer Security (TLS) and its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
      TransferTypeTransfer type.