AsyncCompletedEventArgsProvides data for the asynchronous method completed event.
      AsyncEventArgsRepresents an asynchronous EventArgs that has members to determine whether it's raised by an asynchronous operation and get the user-defined object.
      AsyncOperationTracks the lifetime of an asynchronous operation.
      EncodingToolsVarious methods related to encoding (charset) used by ComponentPro components.
      ExtendedAsyncCompletedEventArgs<TResult>Provides data for the asynchronous method completion events.
      ExtendedAsyncResultRepresents the status of an asynchronous operation that has no return value.
      ExtendedAsyncResult<TResult>Represents an asynchronous operation that can return a value.
      MultiComparerClass for chained comparison of objects.
      OperationCanceledExceptionThe exception that is thrown in a thread upon cancellation of an operation that the thread was executing.
      ThreadCreates and controls a thread, sets its priority, and gets its status.
      ThreadPoolProvides a pool of threads that can be used to post work items, process asynchronous I/O, wait on behalf of other threads, and process timers.