ComponentPro UltimateFtp

      Supported standards

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      100% managed .NET code written in C#

      • No open source code used
      • No 3rd-party libraries used
      • Fully CLS-compliant
      • Can be used in all .NET managed languages (C#, VB.NET, F#, C++/CLI, etc.)
      • Support both 32-bit and 64-bit application architectures
      • Complete source code is available in the Premium licenses

      Internet RFC specifications

      Implements the following RFC specifications:

      Ultimate FTP supports IPv4 and IPv6.

      TLS/SSL versions

      Supports the following TLS/SSL protocol versions

      • SSL 3.0
      • TLS 1.0
      • TLS 1.1
      • TLS 1.2

      FIPS 140-2 mode

      Ultimate FTP automatically enables FIPS mode when Windows OS's FIPS mode is ON. To force the component run in FIPS 140-2 compliant mode, set the FipsAlgorithmsOnly property to true

      Directory listing formats

      Ultimate FTP supports a wide range of directory listing format including:

      • Unix "ls" (ProFTPd, Wu-FTPd, Microsoft FTP and many others)
      • DOS (Microsoft FTP and others)
      • DJ Bernstein's EPLF
      • glFTPd ANSI-colored list
      • Netware
      • VMS and MultiNet (both single and multiline)
      • Tandem Guardian
      • IBM 4690
      You can also implement a custom directory listing parser to handle a format that is not recognized by our component