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      ListMessages(ImapCriterion[]) Method

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      Search the current folder for messages that match the specified searching criteria.


      public ImapMessageCollection ListMessages(
         ImapCriterion[] parameters


      Searching criteria.

      Return Value

      A collection of ImapMessage objects that match the specified criteria.


      Searching criteria consist of one or more parameters. When multiple parameters are specified, the results is the intersection (AND) of all the messages that match. The returned list will contain the envelope information about each message. To retrieve other information, use ListMessages method.


      .NET Compact Framework.NET Compact Framework

      Supported version: 2.0, 3.5, and 3.9
      Assembly: ComponentPro.Mail.CF (in ComponentPro.Mail.CF.dll)

      .NET Framework.NET Framework

      Supported version: 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5.x, 4.6.x and later
      Assembly: ComponentPro.Mail (in ComponentPro.Mail.dll)

      Xamarin AndroidXamarin Android

      Supported version: 2.3 and later
      Assembly: ComponentPro.Mail.Android (in ComponentPro.Mail.Android.dll)

      Xamarin MacXamarin Mac

      Supported version: 2.0.x and later
      Assembly: ComponentPro.Mail.Mac (in ComponentPro.Mail.Mac.dll)

      Xamarin iOSXamarin iOS

      Supported version: 5.1.x and later
      Assembly: ComponentPro.Mail.iOS (in ComponentPro.Mail.iOS.dll)

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