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      ComponentPro.Net.Mail.Smtp Events

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      Public Events

      Public EventsAuthenticateCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous authentication operation completes.
      Public EventsCertificateReceivedOccurs when an SMTP server's certificate was received and verified.
      Public EventsCertificateRequiredOccurs when a client certificate is required by the SMTP server, or the one provided was not accepted.
      Public EventsCommandResponseOccurs when a command has been sent to or a response is received from the server.
      Public EventsConnectCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous ConnectAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsDisconnectCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous DisconnectAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsEnhancedTurnCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous EnhancedTurnAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsKeepAliveCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous KeepAliveAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsProgressOccurs when data is send or received.
      Public EventsReadResponseCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous ReadResponseAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsRejectedRecipientOccurs when a recipient is rejected by the server.
      Public EventsSendCommandCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous SendCommandAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsSendCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous SendAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsSendingMessageOccurs when a message is being sent.
      Public EventsStateChangedOccurs when the state of the Smtp object is changed.
      Public EventsUpgradeConnectionCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous UpgradeConnectionAsync operation completes.
      Public EventsVerifyCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous VerifyAsync operation completes.

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