DeliveryStatusNotificationReturnMessageMethodSpecifies whether a SMTP server should attach the entire original message or its headers only to DSN messages.
      DeliveryStatusNotificationTypeSpecifies the conditions under which the SMTP server should generate and send DSN messages.
      FolderSpecialUseSpecifies special use flags for extended LIST command (RFC 6154) or XLIST extension.
      ImapAuthenticationMethodIMAP authentication methods.
      ImapCriterionTypeType of the ImapCriterion node.
      ImapEnvelopePartsSpecifies what information to include in a message list.
      ImapFeaturesIMAP extensions.
      ImapFlagModifierSpecifies possible actions of Flag method.
      ImapListProcessingTypeSpecifies the list type.
      ImapMessageComparerTypeList of possible compare types for the ImapMessageComparer class.
      ImapMessageFlagsIMAP message flags.
      ImapMessagePartKindSpecifies IMAP message part kind.
      ImapOptionsSpecifies various IMAP options.
      ImapResponseCodeRepresents possible IMAP response codes.
      ImapStateState of the Imap object.
      ImapTransferStateState of the IMAP transfer.
      ImapUpdateEventDefines notification messages that can be received from the server using the Update event.
      MailClientExceptionStatusDefines status codes for the ImapException, Pop3Exception, and SmtpException classes.
      MailEncryptionAlgorithmDefines the encryption algorithm used to encrypt mail.
      MailFormatSpecifies mail message file format.
      MailPriorityMail message priority.
      MailServerTypeRepresents mail server type.
      MailSignatureStatusMail signature status.
      MailSignatureStyleSpecifies the style of signed content.
      MailSignatureValidationOptionsMail signature validation options.
      MimeEntityKindRepresents the kind of MIME entity.
      MimeExceptionStatusDefines status codes for the MimeException class.
      MimeOptionsSpecifies various options for MIME parser and writer.
      MimePriorityMime message priority.
      MimeSignatureStyleSpecifies the style of signed content.
      MimeUnparsableHeaderSeveritySpecifies the header error severity.
      MimeUnparsableHeaderStatusSpecifies the problem encountered by the header parser.
      Pop3AuthenticationMethodPOP3 authentication method.
      Pop3EnvelopePartsSpecifies what information to include in a message list.
      Pop3FeaturesPOP3 extensions.
      Pop3MessageComparerTypeList of possible compare types for the Pop3MessageComparer class.
      Pop3OptionsSpecifies various POP3 options.
      Pop3StateState of the Pop3 object.
      Pop3TransferStateState of the POP3 transfer.
      ReplyBodyTransformationDefines how to process the original message body when creating a reply.
      RtfProcessingModeThe mode to process RTF mails.
      SmtpAuthenticationMethodSMTP client authentication method.
      SmtpDeliveryMethodMail delivery method.
      SmtpFeaturesSMTP extensions.
      SmtpOptionsSpecifies various SMTP options.
      SmtpStateState of the Smtp object.
      SmtpTransferStateState of the SMTP transfer.
      TransferEncodingType of transfer encoding of the content.