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      Sending mail with Delivery Status Notification (DSN)

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      Delivery status notification (DSN) is an extension added to SMTP to extend the types of and situations when the sender will be notified of the status of a send message. The DSN is represented by the enumerate DeliveryStatusNotificationType and accessible via the DeliveryStatusNotificationType property of the Smtp class.

      The example below demonstrates how to use DSN:

      using System;
      using System.Windows.Forms;
      using ComponentPro.Net;
      using ComponentPro.Net.Mail;
      const string serverName = "myserver";
      const string user = "";
      const string password = "mytestpassword";
      const int port = 465;
      const SslSecurityMode securityMode = SslSecurityMode.Implicit;
      Smtp client = new Smtp();
      // Return message on failure.
      client.DeliveryStatusNotificationType = DeliveryStatusNotificationType.Failure;
      // Return message on success. 
      //client.DeliveryStatusNotificationType = DeliveryStatusNotificationType.OnSuccess; 
      // And return full message.
      client.DeliveryStatusNotificationReturnMessageMethod = DeliveryStatusNotificationReturnMessageMethod.FullMessage;
          MailMessage msg = new MailMessage();
          msg.Subject = "Test Subject";
          msg.BodyText = "Test Content";
          Console.WriteLine("Connecting SMTP server: {0}:{1}...", serverName, port);
          // Connect to the server. 
          client.Connect(serverName, port, securityMode);
          // Login to the server. 
          Console.WriteLine("Logging in as {0}...", user);
          client.Authenticate(user, password);
          Console.WriteLine("Sending message...");
          Console.WriteLine("Message sent...");
          // Disconnect. 
      catch (SmtpException smtpExc)
          MessageBox.Show(string.Format("An SMTP error occurred: {0}, ErrorStatus: {1}", smtpExc.Message, smtpExc.Status));
      catch (Exception exc)
          MessageBox.Show(string.Format("An error occurred: {0}", exc.Message));