The following tables list the members exposed by LOCRecord.

      Public Properties

      Public PropertiesAltitudeGets the altitude
      Public PropertiesClassGets the class of the query.
      Public PropertiesHorizontalPrecisionGets the horizontal precision
      Public PropertiesLatitudeGets the latitude
      Public PropertiesLongitudeGets the longitude
      Public PropertiesNameGets record the name
      Public PropertiesRawDataGets the raw data.
      Public PropertiesSizeGets the size
      Public PropertiesTTLGets the time to live.
      Public PropertiesTypeGets the record type.
      Public PropertiesVersionGets the version
      Public PropertiesVerticalPrecisionGets the vertical precision

      Public Methods

      Public MethodsToStringOverridden. Returns this instance of System.String.

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