DnsExceptionStatusDefines error codes for the DnsClient class.
      DnsMessageTypeRepresents the messages received from the DNS servers is a query, or a response.
      DnsOptionCodeSpecifies the kind of query in the message.
      DnsQueryClassSpecifies the CLASS fields appear in resource records.
      DnsRecordTypeSpecifies the type of the DnsQuestion to query.
      DnsResponseCodeRepresents the response code in the Dns message header.
      IcmpExceptionStatusDefines error codes for the IcmpClient class.
      IcmpMessageTypeDefines the ICMP message types.
      NtpLeapIndicatorNtp leap second indicator used by NtpMessage.
      NtpModeNtp modes used by NtpMessage.
      TimeExceptionStatusDefines error codes for the NtpTimeClient class.
      TraceRouteExceptionStatusDefines error codes for the TraceRouteClient class.