• Licensing
  • Installation Instruction
  • Using DNS Classes to query DNS Resource Records
  • Using NTP Time classes to get internet time
  • Using IPLookup classes to find from which country your visitors are comming from
  • Using WhoIs classes to lookup for Domain Registration Information
  • Using TraceRoute classes to ping and perform Internet route tracing
      ComponentPro UltimateNetkit

      Using IntelliSense in Visual Studio

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      IntelliSense provides an array of features that make language references easily accessible. When coding, you do not need to leave the Code and Text Editor or the Immediate Mode command window to perform searches on language elements. You can keep your context, find the information you need, insert language elements directly into your code, and even have IntelliSense complete your typing for you.

      Visual Studio automatically enables IntelliSense - through reflection it detects all classes, properties and methods in the dll file(s).

      For additional convenience, each ComponentPro component is provided an XML file which contains the comments for its classes, properties and methods.

      In code file, each time particular class/property/method is being selected from the dropdown of the autocomplete functionality, a tooltip with the comment for this class/property/method is displayed: