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SamlExceptionStatus Enumeration

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Defines error codes for the SAML classes.


public enum SamlExceptionStatus


SuccessThe operation succeeded.
FailedToSendSamlFailed to send SAML request over SOAP.
FailedToSendSamlHttpPostFailed to send SAML request over HTTP POST.
MessageIsNotAnHttpPostThe message is not an HTTP POST.
XmlIsNotAnActionThe XML element is not an Action.
XmlIsNotAnAdviceThe XML element is not an Advice.
InvalidXmlDataUnable to parse this XML data. This is not a valid SAML v1.1 Assertion.
FailedToConvertVersionNumberFailed to convert version number to an integer.
XmlIsNotAAssertionIdReferenceThe XML element is not a SAML AssertionIDReference.
MissingTheAssertionIdThe assertion ID is missing.
XmlIsNotAnAttributeThe XML element is not an Attribute.
XmlIsNotASubjectConfirmationDataThe XML element is not a SubjectConfirmationData.
XmlIsNotAnAttributeDesignatorThe XML element is not an AttributeDesignator.
XmlIsNotAnAttributeStatementThe XML element is not an AttributeStatement.
FailedToSerializeAttributeValueFailed to serialize attribute value.
XmlIsNotAnAttributeValueThe XML element is not an AttributeValue.
FailedToDeserializeFailed to deserialize attribute value.
XmlIsNotAnAudienceThe XML element is not an Audience.
XmlIsNotAnAudienceRestrictionConditionThe XML element is not an AudienceRestrictionCondition.
AuthenticationStatementThe XML element is not an AuthenticationStatement.
XmlIsNotAnAuthorityBindingThe XML element is not an AuthorityBinding.
XmlIsNotAnAuthorizationDecisionStatementThe XML element is not an AuthorizationDecisionStatement.
InvalidXmlDecisionAttributeValueThe XML decision attribute value is invalid.
XmlIsNotConditionsThe XML element is not Conditions.
XmlIsNotAConfirmationMethodThe XML element is not a ConfirmationMethod.
XmlIsNotACacheConditionThe XML element is not a CacheCondition.
XmlIsNotAnEvidenceThe XML element is not an Evidence.
XmlIsNotANameIdentifierThe XML element is not a NameIdentifier.
XmlIsNotASubjectThe XML element is not a Subject.
XmlIsNotASubjectConfirmationThe XML element is not a SubjectConfirmation.
XmlIsNotASubjectLocalityThe XML element is not a subject locality.
XmlIsNotASoapMessageThe XML element is not a SOAP message.
SoapBodyIsMissingThe SOAP body is missing.
SoapBodyIsEmptyThe SOAP body is empty.
InvalidSoapVersionNumberInvalid SOAP version number.
SourceIdLengthIsInvalidThe source identifier length is invalid.
AssertionHandleLengthIsInvalidThe assertion handle length is invalid.
ArtifactLengthIsInvalidThe artifact length is invalid.
ArtifactTypeCodeIsInvalidThe artifact type code is invalid.
XmlIsNotAStatusCodeThe XML element is not a status code.
FailedToCreateX509CertificateCollectionFailed to create X.509 certificate collection.
FailedToCreateKeyInfoUsingX509CertificateFailed to create key info using X.509 certificate.
FailedToGenerateXmlSignatureFailed to generate XML signature.
FailedToCreateKeyInfoUsingX509DataFailed to create key info using X.509 data.
FailedToExtractX509CertificateFailed to extract X.509 certificate from XML.
FailedToExtractKeyInfoFromXmlFailed to extract key info from XML.
NoSigningKeyNo signing key could be found in the key info.
FailedToCreateKeyInfoUsingSigningKeyFailed to create key info using signing key.
FailedToEncodeMessageFailed to encode SAML message using deflate.
TheXmlDoesNotContainAnSignatureThe XML does not contain a signature.
FailedToVerifyTheXmlSignatureFailed to verify the XML signature.
XmlIsNotAStatusDetailThe XML element is not a status detail.
XmlIsNotAnAuthenticationQueryThe XML element is not an authentication query.
XmlIsNotASamlv11RequestMessageThe XML element is not a SAML v1.1 request message.
XmlIsNotASamlv11ResponseMessageThe XML element is not a SAML v1.1 response message.
XmlIsNotAnAuthorizationDecisionQueryThe XML element is not an authorization decision query.
XmlIsNotAnAttributeQueryThe XML element is not an attribute query.
XmlIsNotAStatusMessageThe XML element is not a status message.
XmlIsNotARespondWithThe XML element is not a respond with.
MissingTheResponseIdThe response ID is missing.
MissingTheRequestIdThe request ID is missing.
XmlIsNotAStatusThe XML element is not a status.
XmlIsNotAnAssertionArtifactThe XML element is not an assertion artifact.
FailedToConvertFromBase64StringFailed to convert from base 64 string.
FailedToConvertToDateTimeFailed to convert text to date/time.
FailedToConvertToIntFailed to convert text to integer.
FailedToDecodeMessageFailed to decode SAML message.
UnableToWriteSendPostFormUnable to write form data to the response stream.
XmlIsNotASaml20AssertionThe XML is not a SAML v2.0 assertion.
XmlIsNotAnAssertionIdRefThe XML is not an AssertionIDRef.
SamlAssertionDoesNotContainAnIssuerThe signature cannot be added as the SAML assertion doesn't contain an Issuer.
XmlIsNotAnAuthenticatingAuthorityThe XML is not an AuthenicatingAuthority.
XmlIsNotAnAuthenticationContextThe XML is not an authentication context.
XmlIsNotAnAuthnContextDeclThe XML is not an AuthnContextDecl.
XmlIsNotAnAuthnContextDeclRefThe XML is not an AuthnContextDecl.
XmlIsNotAnAuthnStatementThe XML is not an AuthnStatement.
XmlIsNotAnAuthzDecisionStatementThe XML is not an AuthzDecisionStatement.
XmlIsNotAnAuthnContextClassRefThe XML is not an AuthnContextClassRef.
XmlIsNotABaseIdThe XML is not a BaseId.
XmlIsNotAnEncryptedAssertionThe XML is not an EncryptedAssertion.
XmlIsNotAnEncryptedAttributeThe XML is not an EncryptedAttribute.
XmlIsNotAOneTimeUseThe XML is not a OneTimeUse.
XmlIsNotAnEncryptedIdThe XML is not an EncryptedId.
XmlIsNotANewEncryptedIdThe XML is not a NewEncryptedID.
XmlIsNotAProxyRestrictionThe XML is not a ProxyRestriction.
FailedToConvertCountFailed to convert count to an integer.
KeyTypeIsNotSupportedThe key type is not supported.
XmlIsNotAnAdditionalMetadataLocationThe XML is not an additional metadata location.
XmlIsNotAnAffiliationDescriptorThe XML is not an affiliation descriptor.
XmlIsNotAAttributeAuthorityDescriptorThe XML is not a attribute authority descriptor.
XmlIsNotAnAttributeConsumingServiceThe XML is not an attribute consuming service.
FailedToConvertIndexToIntegerFailed to convert index to integer.
XmlIsNotAnAuthenticatingAuthorityDescriptorThe XML is not an authentication authority descriptor.
XmlIsNotAnEntitiesDescriptorThe XML is not an entities descriptor.
FailedToConvertTextToDurationFailed to convert text to duration.
FailedToSendReceiveIdOverUriFailed to send identifier and receive response over URI.
FailedToSendResponseOverUriFailed to send response over URI.
XmlIsNotAnEntityDescriptorThe XML is not an entity descriptor.
EntityIdUriIsTooLongThe entity ID URI is too long.
XmlIsNotAnExtensionsThe XML is not an extensions.
XmlIsNotAnIdpSsoDescriptorThe XML is not an IdP SSO descriptor.
XmlIsNotAKeyDescriptorThe XML is not a key descriptor.
XmlIsNotAnOrganizationThe XML is not an organization.
XmlIsNotAnOrganizationDisplayNameThe XML is not an organization display name.
XmlIsNotAnOrganizationNameThe XML is not an organization name.
XmlIsNotAnOrganizationUrlThe XML is not an organization URL.
XmlIsNotAPdpDescriptorThe XML is not a PDP descriptor.
XmlIsNotARequestedAttributeThe XML is not a requested attribute.
XmlIsNotARoleDescriptorThe XML is not a role descriptor.
MissingIdMissing ID.
XmlIsNotAnSpSsoDescriptorThe XML is not an SP SSO descriptor.
XmlIsNotAnArtifactThe XML is not an Artifact.
XmlIsNotAnArtifactResponseThe XML is not an ArtifactResponse.
XmlIsNotAnAssertionIdRequestThe XML is not an assertion ID request.
XmlIsNotAnAuthenticationRequestThe XML is not an authentication request.
XmlIsNotAnAuthenticationDecisionQueryThe XML is not an authorization decision query.
XmlIsNotALogoutRequestThe XML is not a LogoutRequest.
XmlIsNotALogoutResponseThe XML is not a LogoutResponse.
XmlIsNotAnIdpEntryThe XML is not an IDPEntry.
XmlIsNotAGetCompleteThe XML is not a GetComplete.
XmlIsNotAnIdpListThe XML is not an IDPList.
XmlIsNotAManageNameIdRequestThe XML is not a ManageNameIDRequest.
XmlIsNotAManageNameIdResponseThe XML is not an ManageNameIDResponse.
XmlIsNotANameIdMappingRequestThe XML is not a NameIDMappingRequest.
XmlIsNotANameIdMappingResponseThe XML is not a NameIDMappingResponse.
XmlIsNotANameIdPolicyThe XML is not a NameIDPolicy.
XmlIsNotANewIdThe XML is not a NewID.
XmlIsNotRequesterIdThe XML is not a RequesterID.
MissingSamlMessageIdThe SAML message ID is missing.
XmlIsNotAScopingThe XML is not a Scoping.
FailedToConvertProxyCountToIntegerFailed to convert ProxyCount to integer.
XmlIsNotASessionIndexThe XML is not a SessionIndex.
XmlIsNotASubjectQueryThe XML is not a SubjectQuery.
XmlIsNotATerminateThe XML is not a Terminate.
FailedToConvertToBooleanFailed to convert text to boolean {0}.
XmlIsNotAnArtifactResolveThe XML is not an ArtifactResolve.
XmlIsNotASamlResponseThe XML is not a SAMLResponse.
XmlIsNotAContactPersonThe XML is not a contact person.
FailedToReceiveLogoutResponseFailed to receive logout response by HTTP post.
FailedToReceiveArtifactResolveRequestFailed to receive artifact resolve request.
FailedToSendArtifactResponseFailed to send artifact response.
FailedToSendReceiveArtifactRequestResponseFailed to send/receive artifact request/response.
FailedToSendLogoutRequestFailed to send logout request by HTTP post.
FailedToSendArtifactFailed to send artifact by HTTP artifact.
FailedToSendReceiveRequestResponseBySoapFailed to send/receive logout request/response by SOAP.
FailedToSendLogoutResponseFailed to send logout response.
FailedToReceiveArtifactFailed to receive artifact.
FailedToReceiveLogoutMessageFailed to receive logout message.
FailedToReceiveLogoutRequestFailed to receive logout request.
FailedToEncryptSamlAssertionFailed to encrypt SAML assertion.
FailedToDecryptSamlAssertionFailed to decrypt SAML assertion.
FailedToEncryptSamlAttributeFailed to encrypt SAML attribute.
FailedToDecryptSamlAttributeFailed to decrypt SAML attribute.
FailedToEncryptIdFailed to encrypt ID.
FailedToDecryptIdFailed to decrypt identifier.
UnsupportedKeyEncryptionMethodUnsupported key encryption method '{0}'.
FailedToDecryptXmlFailed to decrypt XML.
X509CertificateDoesNotContainAPrivateKeyThe X.509 certificate doesn't contain a private key.
FailedToEncryptXmlFailed to encrypt XML using X.509 certificate.
UnsupportedDataEncryptionMethodUnsupported data encryption method: '{0}'.
KeySizeDoesNotMatchTheKeyAlgorithmThe key size {0} doesn't match the key algorithm {1}.
EncryptedDataDoesNotContainAnyEncryptedKeyInfoThe encrypted data doesn't contain any encrypted key info.
NoDataEncryptionMethodHasBeenSpecifiedNo data encryption method has been specified.
ArtifactEndPointIndexLengthIsInvalidThe artifact endpoint index length is invalid.
SamlArtHiddenFieldIsMissingHidden field SAMLart is missing.
FailedToReceiveArtifactInFormFailed to receive artifact in form over HTTP Artifact.
QueryStringIsMissingSamlArtThe query string is missing SAMLart.
InvalidMessageHandleLengthThe message handle length is invalid.
Type4ArtifactIsTooShortThe type 4 artifact is too short.
Type4ArtifactIsInvalidThe type 4 artifact is invalid.
FailedToReceiveResponseFailed to receive response.
FailedToSendRequestFailed to send request.
FailedToSendResponseFailed to send response.
VariableIsMissingVariable '{0}' is missing.
FailedToConvertSamlMessageFailed to convert SAML message in posted form from base 64 encoded string.
FailedToSendSamlMessageOverSoapFailed to send SAML message.
NoSamlMessageFormVariableNo SAML message form variable in HTTP POST.
FailedToReceiveRequestFailed to receive request over HTTP POST.
FailedToCreateHttpRedirectUrlFailed to create HTTP Redirect URL.
FailedToConvertHttpRedirectEncodedMessageFailed to convert HTTP redirect encoded message from base 64 encoded string.
FailedToConvertHttpRedirectSignatureFailed to convert HTTP redirect signature from base 64 encoded string.
NoSamlMessageQueryStringParameterNo SAML message query string parameter in HTTP Redirect.
FailedToGetRequestFailed to get request from HTTP Redirect URL.
FailedToGetResponseFailed to get response from HTTP Redirect URL.
QueryStringIsMissingThe query string is missing '{0}'.
MissingSignatureAlgorithmThe signature algorithm is missing.
KeyTypeDoesNotMatchTheSignatureAlgorithmThe key type does not match the signature algorithm.
SignatureAlgorithmIsNotSupportedThe signature algorithm is not supported.
FailedToSendReceiveRequestResponseOverSoapFailed to send/receive SAML request/response over SOAP.
FailedToReceiveIdFailed to receive identifier over URI.
FailedToSendIdReceiveResponseFailed to send identifier/receive response over URI.
InvalidBindingThe binding is invalid: '{0}'.
FailedToReceiveRequestSoapFailed to receive request over SOAP.
FailedToSendResponseSoapFailed to send response over SOAP.
FailedToReceiveRequestOverPaosFailed to receive request over PAOS.
FailedToReceiveResponseOverPaosFailed to receive response over PAOS.
FailedToSendResponseOverPaosFailed to send response over PAOS.
FailedToSendRequestOverPaosFailed to send request over PAOS.
FailedToDeserializeAttributeValueFailed to deserialize attribute value.
XmlIsNotAnAudienceRestrictionThe XML element is not an AudienceRestriction.
XmlIsNotANameIdFormatThe XML element is not a NameIDFormat.
XmlIsNotAnAttributeProfileThe XML element is not an AttributeProfile.
XmlIsNotAnNameIdMappingServiceThe XML element is not a NameIdMappingService.
XmlIsNotAnSingleSignOnServiceThe XML element is not a SingleSignOnService.
XmlIsNotAnArtifactResolutionServiceThe XML element is not a ArtifactResolutionService.
XmlIsNotASingleLogoutServiceThe XML element is not a SingleLogoutService.
XmlIsNotAManageNameIdServiceThe XML element is not a ManageNameIdService.
XmlIsNotAnAssertionConsumerServiceThe XML element is not a AssertionConsumerService.
XmlIsNotAServiceNameThe XML element is not a ServiceName.
XmlIsNotAServiceDescriptionThe XML element is not a ServiceDescription.
XmlIsNotAnAttributeServiceThe XML element is not an AttributeService.
XmlIsNotAnAuthzServiceThe XML element is not an AuthzService.
XmlIsNotAnAuthnQueryServiceThe XML element is not an AuthnQueryService.
XmlIsNotAnAssertionIdRequestServiceThe XML element is not an AssertionIdRequestService.
SamlObjectIsNotSignedThe SAML object is not signed.
GeneralFailureThe operation cannot be completed.


.NET Framework.NET Framework

Supported version: 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5.x, 4.6.x and later
Assembly: ComponentPro.Saml (in ComponentPro.Saml.dll)

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