The following tables list the members exposed by ArtifactResponse.

      Public Constructors

      Public ConstructorsArtifactResponse ConstructorOverloaded. Initializes a new instance of the ArtifactResponse class.

      Public Properties

      Public PropertiesConsentGets or sets the consent. (Inherited from StatusResponseType)
      Public PropertiesDestinationGets or sets the URI reference indicating the address to which this response has been sent. (Inherited from StatusResponseType)
      Public PropertiesExtensionsGets or sets the extensions. (Inherited from StatusResponseType)
      Public PropertiesIdGets or sets the identifier for the response. (Inherited from StatusResponseType)
      Public PropertiesInResponseToGets or sets the reference to the identifier of the request to which the response corresponds. (Inherited from StatusResponseType)
      Public PropertiesIssueInstantGets or sets the time instant of issue of the response. The time value is encoded in UTC. (Inherited from StatusResponseType)
      Public PropertiesIssuerGets or sets the entity that generated the response message. (Inherited from StatusResponseType)
      Public PropertiesMessageGets or sets the SAML message.
      Public PropertiesStatusGets or sets the code representing the status of the corresponding request. (Inherited from StatusResponseType)
      Public PropertiesVersionGets or sets the version of this response. (Inherited from StatusResponseType)

      Protected Properties

      Protected PropertiesDefaultInclusiveNamespacesPrefixListReturns the default inclusive namespaces prefix list. (Inherited from StatusResponseType)

      Public Methods

      Public MethodsStatic MemberGetIssuerGets the issuer. (Inherited from StatusResponseType)
      Public MethodsStatic MemberGetIssuerNameGets the issuer text. (Inherited from StatusResponseType)
      Public MethodsGetXmlOverridden. Converts the object into XML data.
      Public MethodsIsSuccessIndicates whether the status is Success. (Inherited from StatusResponseType)
      Public MethodsStatic MemberIsValidInidicates whether the element is valid or not.
      Public MethodsSendOverloaded. Converts the current Artifact Response object to SOAP XML Message and send to the specified HttpResponse object.
      Public MethodsStatic MemberSendSamlMessageReceiveAftifactResponseOverloaded. Sends a generated SAML SOAP Message and receive an Artifact Response message.

      Protected Methods

      Protected MethodsCreateSignedXmlOverridden. Creates a SAML Signed XML object.
      Protected MethodsUpdateXmlUpdates the specified XML element. (Inherited from StatusResponseType)

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