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AdditionalMetadataLocationThe AdditionalMetadataLocation element is a namespace-qualified URI that specifies where additional XML-based metadata may exist for a SAML entity.
AffiliationDescriptorThe AffiliationDescriptor element is an alternative to the sequence of role descriptors.
ArtifactResolutionServiceRepresents SAML2 Artifact Resolution Service.
AssertionConsumerServiceRepresents SAML2 Assertion Consumer Service.
AssertionIdRequestServiceRepresents SAML2 AssertionId Request Service.
AttributeAuthorityDescriptorThe AttributeAuthorityDescriptor element extends RoleDescriptor with content reflecting profiles specific to attribute authorities, SAML authorities that respond to AttributeQuery messages.
AttributeConsumingServiceDefines a particular service offered by the service provider in terms of the attributes the service requires or desires.
AttributeProfileRepresents SAML2 Attribute Profile.
AttributeServiceRepresents SAML2 Attribute Service.
AuthnAuthorityDescriptorThe AuthnAuthorityDescriptor element extends RoleDescriptor with content reflecting profiles specific to authentication authorities, SAML authorities that respond to AuthnQuery messages.
AuthnQueryServiceRepresents SAML2 Authn Query Service.
AuthzServiceRepresents SAML2 Authz Service.
ContactPersonSpecifies basic contact information about a person responsible in some capacity for a SAML entity or role. The use of this element is always optional. Its content is informative in nature and does not directly map to any core SAML elements or attributes.
ContactTypeRepresents the ContactType XML element.
DurationRepresents the SAML Duration type.
EndpointDescribes a SAML protocol binding endpoint at which a SAML entity can be sent protocol messages.
EntitiesDescriptorThe EntitiesDescriptor element contains the metadata for an optionally named group of SAML entities.
EntityDescriptorThe EntityDescriptor element specifies metadata for a single SAML entity. A single entity may act in many different roles in the support of multiple profiles.
EntityIdTypeRepresents the EntityIDType
ExtensionsRepresents the metadata extensions.
IdpSsoDescriptorRepresents the IdpSsoDescriptor.
IndexedEndpointTypeRepresents the IndexedEndpoint Type.
KeyDescriptorThe KeyDescriptor element provides information about the cryptographic key(s) that an entity uses to sign data or receive encrypted keys, along with additional cryptographic details.
KeyTypesSpecified key types.
LocalizedStringLocalized String with the language associated with it.
ManageNameIdServiceRepresents SAML 2.0 Metadata ManageNameIdService.
MetadataMessageRepresents general Metadata message
NameIdFormatRepresents SAML Name Identifier Format.
NameIdMappingServiceRepresents SAML 2.0 Metadata NameIDMappingService.
OrganizationRepresents the basic information about an organization responsible for a SAML entity or role.
OrganizationDisplayNameRepresents the OrganizationDisplayName element.
OrganizationNameRepresents the OrganizationName class.
OrganizationUrlRepresents the OrganizationUrl element.
PdpDescriptorRepresents the PdpDescriptor element.
RequestedAttributeSpecifies a service provider's interest in a specific SAML attribute, optionally including specific values.
RoleDescriptorRepresents the RoleDescriptor element.
ServiceDescriptionRepresents the ServiceDescription class.
ServiceNameRepresents the ServiceName class.
SingleLogoutServiceRepresents SAML 2.0 Metadata SingleLogoutService.
SingleSignOnServiceRepresents SAML 2.0 Metadata SingleSignOnService.
SpSsoDescriptorRepresents the SpSsoDescriptor element.
SsoDescriptorRepresents the SsoDescriptor element.


ICacheableSamlObjectA functional interface for SAMLElements that provide cache duration information.
ITimeBoundSamlObjectA functional interface for SAMLElements that are bound with a "validUntil" attribute.


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Supported version: 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5.x, 4.6.x and later
Assembly: ComponentPro.Saml (in ComponentPro.Saml.dll)