AppendChildEventArgsProvides data for the CreateElement event.
AttributeValueParserFactoryThis class supports parsing attribute value to XML element.
CreateElementEventArgsProvides data for the CreateElement event.
HexProvides convenient methods to convert bytes to hex strings.
HttpCacheProviderRepresents HTTP Cache provider.
RandomIdentifierGeneratorRepresents random SAML ID generator.
SamlExceptionRepresents the exception that is thrown when a SAML error occurs.
SamlObjectRepresents base SAML object.
SamlSettingsContains settings for the SAML component.
SamlUtilContains SAML helper methods.
SecureIdentifierGeneratorRepresents secure random SAML ID generator.
SetAttributeEventArgsProvides data for the SetAttribute event.
SignableSamlObjectRepresents a signable SAML object.
SimpleTextAttributeValueParserSupports parsing string attribute values to XML.
SoapNamespaceUrisDefines the SOAP namespace URIs.
SoapUtilSOAP utilities.
XmlAttributeValueParserSupports parsing XML attribute values to XML.