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      ComponentPro.IO.Synchronization Namespace

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      FolderSyncProgressionEventArgsProvides information on the progression of the synchronization of the folder - for FolderSynchronizationProgression event.
      GetSyncFileFromFolderEventArgsProvides information on the retrieval of a synchronization file from a folder - for GettingSynchronizationFileFromFolder event.
      LoadingSyncMetaDataEventArgsProvides information on the loading of meta data during the synchronization.
      SyncAnalysisEventArgsProvides information on the analysis being performed for the synchronization.
      SyncCompareFileDataEventArgsProvides information on the comparison of file data during the synchronization.
      SyncConflictEventArgsProvides information on conflicts that occur during the synchronization.
      SyncEventArgsProvides information on the synchronization being performed.
      SyncFolderAnalysisEventArgsProvides information on the analysis being performed for the impending creation or deletion of folders during a folder synchronization.
      SynchronizerContains members and properties used to perform file and folder synchronizations.
      SyncMetaDataEventArgsProvides information on the meta data during the synchronization.
      SyncOptionsRepresents the options used during the synchronization.


      SyncActionA value representing the action to be taken during the synchronization process.
      SyncConflictReasonA value representing one or more reasons for conflicts between files during a synchronization.
      SyncResultDefines synchronization results.


      .NET Compact Framework.NET Compact Framework

      Supported version: 2.0, 3.5, and 3.9
      Assembly: ComponentPro.FileSync.CF (in ComponentPro.FileSync.CF.dll)

      .NET Framework.NET Framework

      Supported version: 4.0, 4.5.x, 4.6.x and later
      Assembly: ComponentPro.FileSync (in ComponentPro.FileSync.dll)

      Xamarin AndroidXamarin Android

      Supported version: 2.3 and later
      Assembly: ComponentPro.FileSync.Android (in ComponentPro.FileSync.Android.dll)

      Xamarin MacXamarin Mac

      Supported version: 2.0.x and later
      Assembly: ComponentPro.FileSync.Mac (in ComponentPro.FileSync.Mac.dll)

      Xamarin iOSXamarin iOS

      Supported version: 5.1.x and later
      Assembly: ComponentPro.FileSync.iOS (in ComponentPro.FileSync.iOS.dll)