The following tables list the members exposed by ProxyClient.

      Public Constructors

      Public ConstructorsProxyClient ConstructorOverloaded. Initializes a new instance of ProxyClient class with a container.

      Public Properties

      Public PropertiesAuthenticationMethodGets or sets the authentication method.
      Public PropertiesAvailableGets the amount of data that has been received from the network and is available to be read.
      Public PropertiesClientSocketGets the underlying Socket.
      Public PropertiesConnectedGets a value indicating whether the underlying Socket for a ProxyClient is connected to a remote host.
      Public PropertiesDomainGets or sets the domain to submit to the proxy server for authentication.
      Public PropertiesFamilyGets or sets the addressing scheme that an instance of the ProxySocket class can use.
      Public PropertiesInvokeFromCurrentThreadsGets a value indicating whether to raise events from the current thread or to use a SynchronizationContext object available when an asynchronous operation was started. The default value is false.
      Public PropertiesPasswordGets or sets password to submit to the proxy server for authentication.
      Public PropertiesProxyHostGets or sets the hostname of the proxy server.
      Public PropertiesProxyPortGets or sets the port of the proxy server.
      Public PropertiesProxyTypeGets or sets the proxy type.
      Public PropertiesTimeoutGets or sets the length of time before the operation times out (specify -1 or 0 to indicate that the request does not time out which is default).
      Public PropertiesUserNameGets or sets the user name to submit to the proxy server for authentication.

      Protected Properties

      Protected PropertiesActiveGets or set a value that indicates whether a connection has been made.

      Public Methods

      Public MethodsCloseDisposes this ProxyClient instance without closing the underlying connection.
      Public MethodsConnectOverloaded. Connects the client to a remote TCP host using the specified remote network endpoint.
      Public MethodsConnectAsyncOverloaded. Begins an asynchronous request for a remote host connection. The remote host is specified by an IPAddress and a port number (Int32).
      Public MethodsDisconnectInforms the proxy server that the connection is about to close and terminates the connection.
      Public MethodsGetStreamReturns the NetworkStream used to send and receive data.

      Protected Methods

      Protected MethodsDisposeOverridden. Releases the unmanaged resources used by the ProxyClient and optionally releases the managed resources.
      Protected MethodsFinalizeOverridden. Frees resources used by the ProxyClient class.
      Virtual Protected MethodsOnConnectCompletedRaises the ConnectCompleted event.

      Public Events

      Public EventsConnectCompletedOccurs when an asynchronous ConnectAsync operation completes.

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