The following tables list the members exposed by SecureShellChannel.

      Public Properties

      Public PropertiesAvailableGets the number of bytes available in the receive buffer.
      Public PropertiesExitStatusGets the channel exit status, if available. Otherwise, it returns null.
      Public PropertiesExtendedDataModeGets or sets the value indicating how to tread extended channel data.
      Public PropertiesStateGets the state of this channel.
      Public PropertiesTerminalHeightGets the terminal height.
      Public PropertiesTerminalWidthGets the terminal width.
      Public PropertiesTypeGets the type of this channel.

      Public Methods

      Public MethodsCloseCloses the current channel.
      Public MethodsDisposeImplementation of IDisposable.Dispose()
      Public MethodsGetAvailableGets the number of bytes available in the receive buffer. If no data is available, the method will process any pending incoming packets.
      Public MethodsPassEnvironmentVariablePasses an environment variable to the shell/command to be started later.
      Public MethodsPollDetermines the status of the socket.
      Public MethodsReceiveReceives data send by the server through this channel.
      Public MethodsRequestExecRequests an execution of the specified command.
      Public MethodsRequestPseudoTerminalOverloaded. Requests an 80x25 vt100 pseudo-terminal.
      Public MethodsRequestShellRequests a shell.
      Public MethodsRequestSubsystemRequests a specified subsystem.
      Public MethodsSendSends data to the server through this channel.
      Public MethodsSendBreakSends a break request to the server. This may or may not have any effect.
      Public MethodsSendEofSends EOF (end-of-file) indicator to the server. No further data should be sent after this.
      Public MethodsSetTerminalSizeSets a new terminal size.
      Public MethodsShutdownShutdowns the channel.
      Public MethodsToSocketCreates an ISocket representation of this channel.
      Public MethodsToStringOverridden. Returns a string representation of this channel.

      Public Events

      Public EventsExtendedDataReceivedOccurs when extended data is received from the server.

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