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      SftpListItemReceivedEventArgs Class Members

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      The following tables list the members exposed by SftpListItemReceivedEventArgs.

      Public Properties

      Public PropertiesAsyncCallGets a boolean value indicating whether the event is raised in an asynchronous call. (Inherited from AsyncEventArgs)
      Public PropertiesCancelCancels the process of listing a directory. You also need to set the property Skip to true if you do not want to have this last received item in your list.
      Public PropertiesFileGets or sets the SftpFileInfo. Setting this property to a null reference will remove it from the list.
      Public PropertiesRawLineGets the raw line of the received item.
      Public PropertiesSkipSkips the current item, it will not appear in the list.
      Public PropertiesUserStateGets the user-token specified in an asynchronous call. (Inherited from AsyncEventArgs)

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