CryptographicCollectionA base class for various collections of cryptographic objects.
      CryptographicExceptionRepresents an error during cryptographic operation.
      DeriveBytesRepresents the abstract base class from which all classes that derive byte sequences of a specified length inherit.
      KeyedHashAlgorithmRepresents the abstract class from which all implementations of keyed hash algorithms must derive.
      ObjectIdentifierThis class represents Universal Object Identifiers (Oids) and their associated operations.
      RandomNumberGeneratorRepresents the abstract class from which all implementations of cryptographic random number generators derive.
      Rfc2898DeriveBytesImplements PBKDF2, a password-based key derivation function specified by RFC 2898.
      SecuritySettingsProvides security settings.
      SHA256ManagedRepresents SHA-256 hash algorithm.
      SHA2ManagedBase class for SHA-2 hash algorithms.
      SHA384ManagedRepresents SHA-384 hash algorithm.
      SHA512ManagedRepresents SHA-512 hash algorithm.