ComponentPro UltimateSftpServer

ComponentPro.Net.Servers Namespace

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AuthenticationBaseEventArgsBase class for PreAuthenticationEventArgs and AuthenticationEventArgs.
AuthenticationEventArgsProvides data for Authentication event.
BindingRepresents a binding of a server module to an endpoint.
BindingCollectionA collection of server bindings.
ConnectingEventArgsProvides data for the Connecting event.
DisconnectedEventArgsProvides data for the Disconnected event.
ErrorEventArgsProvides data for the ErrorOccurred event.
FileServerUserRepresents a user of the SftpSshServer.
FileTransferredEventArgsProvides data for the FileUploaded event.
PathAccessAuthorizationEventArgsProvides data for the PathAccessAuthorization event.
PreAuthenticationEventArgsProvides data for Authentication event.
ServerSessionRepresents a protocol session.
ServerUserRepresents a server user.
SftpSshServerImplements the SFTP/SSH server.
SftpSshServerConfigFile server settings.
ShellCommandEventArgsProvides data for the ShellCommand event.
SshConsoleRepresents an SSH console which provides methods for reading and writing.
TunnelRequestedEventArgsProvides data for the TunnelRequested event.
UserListProvides a simple default user database that is used when no custom authentication has been defined.
UserListCoreProvides a simple default user database that is used when no custom authentication has been defined.


AuthenticationMethodsUser authentication method.
FileServerProtocolSpecifies a protocol (module) to be used with SftpSshServer.
FileSystemOperationFile or directory operations.
SessionStateSession state.
ShellTypeSpecifies virtual shell type.


.NET Framework.NET Framework

Supported version: 4.0, 4.5.x, 4.6.x and later
Assembly: ComponentPro.SftpServer (in ComponentPro.SftpServer.dll)