The following tables list the members exposed by SshServerCore.

Public Constructors

Public ConstructorsSshServerCore Constructor()Creates an instance of a generic server.

Public Properties

Public PropertiesBindingsGets a read-only collection of server bindings.
Public PropertiesConfigGets server settings.
Public PropertiesHostKeyStorageGets a collection of server keys.
Public PropertiesIsRunningGets a value indicating whether the server is currently running.
Public PropertiesModulesGets an enumerator for currently bound modules.
Public PropertiesSessionsGets an enumerator for currently active sessions.
Public PropertiesUsersGets a collection of users. Provides a simple user database which is used by default when no custom authentication has been defined.

Public Methods

Public MethodsClosePortOverloaded. Unbinds all modules.
Public MethodsOpenPortOverloaded. Binds the specified module to its default port on all network interfaces.
Public MethodsStartStarts the server.
Public MethodsStopStops the server.

Public Events

Public EventsAuthenticationOccurs when client is being authenticated.
Public EventsConnectingOccurs when a client is connecting.
Public EventsDisconnectedOccurs when a client has disconnected.
Public EventsErrorOccurredOccurs when an error occurs while processing requests.
Public EventsPreAuthenticationOccurs when client authentication is about to start.

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