ComponentPro UltimateTemplateEngine

Adding UltimateTemplateEngine to the Visual Studio Toolbox

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By default, the ComponentPro Component Installer automatically adds UltimateTemplateEngine to Visual Studio Toolbox. In case you want to reinstall the UltimateTemplateEngine component into the Visual Studio Toolbox, you can follow two basic ways below:


Open Start->Programs->Ultimate TemplateEngine Component vX.X.X.X->Tools->Reinstall Toolbox to install UltimateTemplateEngine components into Visual Studio Toolbox. Before running this tool, make sure there is no instance of Visual Studio running.


  1. Open your application in Visual Studio.
  2. Expand the Toolbox.
  3. Expand the General section.
  4. Right-click in the General section and open Choose Items.
  5. On the .NET Framework Components tab, click Browse.
  6. Browse to the UltimateTemplateEngine installation folder (i.e, C:\Program Files\ComponentPro\UltimateTemplateEngine vX.X.X.X\bin), from the bin, select ComponentPro.TemplateEngine.dll in the .NET Framework version folder that you need.