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ComponentPro.Net.Terminal Namespace

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ClipboardOperationEventArgsProvides data for the Pasting and Copying events.
CursorColorEventArgsProvides data for the CursorColor event.
DataReceivedEventArgsProvides data for the DataReceived event.
FileReceiverProvides functionality for receiving files using terminal.
FileSenderProvides functionality for sending files using terminal.
FileTransferProgressChangedEventArgsProvides data for the TransferProgressChanged event.
FileTransfersProvides functionality for file transfers. Makes it possible to programmatically send and receive files using terminal.
RemoteResizeEventArgsProvides data for the RemoteResize event.
ScreenResizeEventArgsProvides data for the ScreenResize event.
ScriptEventRepresents a condition that can occur and be checked.
ScriptMatchRepresents a result of a scripting method such as WaitFor.
ScriptMatchInfoRepresents a matched condition.
SelectionChangedEventArgsProvides data for the SelectionChanged event.
SerialPortChannelProvides methods for communication over Serial port.
ServerInstructionReceivedEventArgsProvides data for the ServerInstructionReceived event.
ShellChannelDefines a generalized shell communication channel API. Intended to be used by ComponentPro Terminal infrastructure.
ShellSessionStateChangedEventArgsProvides data for the StateChanged event.
SshClientProvides methods for communication with SSH shell servers.
SshConfigSpecifies various SSH settings.
SshConnectionStateRepresents the Ssh object connection state.
SshTerminalControlSSH terminal emulator control.
SshTunnelRepresents an active SSH tunnel.
TelnetClientProvides methods for communication with Telnet servers.
TelnetConfigSpecifies various Telnet settings.
TelnetExceptionThe exception that is thrown when a Telnet error occurs.
TelnetTerminalControlTelnet terminal emulator control.
TerminalColorDefines terminal colors.
TerminalControlTerminal emulator control.
TerminalErrorEventArgsProvides data for the Error event.
TerminalExceptionAn exception that is thrown when a terminal error occurs.
TerminalFontRepresents a fixed-width terminal font.
TerminalFontInfoSpecifies terminal font info.
TerminalPaletteA 256-color terminal palette.
TerminalScreenRepresents a terminal screen.
TerminalScreenRegionRepresents a region of character cells of the terminal screen.
TerminalShellRepresents a Unix-like or DOS-like shell.
VirtualTerminalRepresents a virtual off-screen terminal.


IShellConnectionDefines the required members for a Shell connection.
ITerminalDefines the shared interface for TerminalControl and VirtualTerminal.


TerminalCellRepresents a single character cell from the terminal buffer.


AutoWrapModeSpecifies whether to turn auto-wrap on or off or whether to use DOS-like mode.
BlinkingTextSpecifies the appearance of the blinking text.
BreakSequenceDetermines which sequence is sent by the SendBreak and SendBreak method.
ClipboardSelectionCopyModeDetermines behavior for copying selected text into clipboard.
ConsoleUnderlineCharacter underline style.
FileTransferBlockSizeSpecifies a size of data block for file transfers.
FileTransferProgressStateSpecifies current transfer state.
FunctionKeySpecifies a list of function keys.
PollResultDefines the results for the Poll method.
RequestedActionDetermines the client command requested by the server (ServerInstructionReceived event).
SchemeColorNameSpecifies scheme color names.
ScreenshotFileFormatTerminal capture format.
ScreenshotOptionsTerminal capture options.
SelectGraphicRendition1Specifies the appearance of the sequence: CSI 1 m.
ShellChannelOptionsDefines shell channel flags. Intended to be used by ComponentPro Terminal infrastructure.
ShellChannelStateDefines all the possible connection states of an ShellChannel object. Intended to be used by ComponentPro Terminal infrastructure.
ShellProcessingResultTerminal state.
ShellPromptTypeDefines the shell prompt type.
ShellSessionStateDefines the shell session state for the StateChanged event.
TerminalBackspaceKeySpecifies whether the backspace key sends key code 08 (also known as ^H or \b) or 7F (also known as DEL or ^?).
TerminalColorSchemeSpecifies the terminal color mode.
TerminalCursorKeysCursor key mode.
TerminalCursorStylesSpecifies how a terminal control display the cursor.
TerminalExceptionStatusDefines status codes for the TerminalException class.
TerminalFontStylesSpecifies terminal font style.
TerminalHomeAndEndKeysHome and End keys mode.
TerminalKeysModeSpecifies how to encode function keys such as as F1-F20, Ins, Del, Home, End, PgUp and PgDown.
TerminalNewLineTypeNew line sequence for outgoing data.
TerminalTypeSpecifies the terminal type (how are the escape sequences interpreted).
TerminaProcessingModeTerminal data processing mode.
TextSelectionModeSelection mode.


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Supported version: 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5.x, 4.6.x and later
Assembly: ComponentPro.Terminal (in ComponentPro.Terminal.dll)