ComponentPro UltimateTerminal

      Overview of UltimateSsh

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      This topic outlines some important general features of ComponentPro UltimateSsh.

      Key Features

      • Executes commands over SSH channel.
      • Remote shell over SSH.
      • Remotely executes commands on Windows/Unix server over Ssh channel
      • Opens a shell connectionto a server over Ssh channel
      • Terminal emulation control for Windows Forms.
      • Virtual terminal class.
      • Records and replays terminal session.
      • All major SSH servers are supported.
      • Easy-to-use API with maximum flexibility.
      • IPv6 support.
      • Includes a stand-alone SSHv2 component.
      • RSA and DSA public keys and public key authentication.
      • Encryption/decryption using Triple DES, RC4 or AES.
      • Supports custom styles and palettes.
      • Supports scroll-back buffer.
      • Supports most common telnet options.
      • Supports SOCKS4, SOCKS4A, SOCKS5, and HTTP proxy servers.
      • Uniform and comprehensive error handling with .NET exceptions.


      • Royalty free run-time.
      • 1 year minor and major product updates.
      • Full Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 support.
      • Supports Visual Studio 2005 and above, Delphi 8, C# Builder and other compliant development environments.
      • Supports Drag/Drop integration within Visual Studio.
      • UltimateSsh can be used from ASP.NET web pages, Windows Forms and Web Services.
      • Supports .NET Framework 2.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 4.5.1, 4.5.2 and above.

      .NET Technology

      • 100% managed code written in C# (Complete source code included in the Gold License with Source Code).
      • CLS compliant (Common Language Specification).
      • Passed almost Microsoft FxCop's rules.
      • Object-oriented design created specifically for .NET Framework version 2.x and above.
      • Does not use unsafe blocks for minimal permission requirements.
      • Seamless integration with the .NET base class libraries.
      • Documentation fully integrated into Visual Studio .NET.
      • C# and VB.NET samples included in the setup package show how to work with UltimateSsh.