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      ComponentPro UltimateZip

      Displaying progress while transferring data

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      When the file to transfer is big and your application may take time to transfer, you may wish to show the progress of the transfer to the user. The UltimateZip component provides progress notification through the Progress event. The Progress event is raised periodically while data transfer is in progress, making accessible necessary data to display progress information, such as the size of the file and the number of bytes transferred.

      The following steps show you how to use the Progress event to show progress information while transferring a file:

      using System;
      using ComponentPro.IO;
      using ComponentPro.Compression;
      private Zip _zip;
      public void DoUpload()
          // Create a new instance. 
          Zip zip = new Zip();
          _zip = zip;
          // Create a new archive. 
          // ... 
          zip.TransferConfirm += zip_TransferConfirm;
          zip.Progress += zip_Progress;
              TransferOptions opt = new TransferOptions("*.*", FileOverwriteMode.Confirm);
              // Add all directories, subdirectories, and files in local folder 'c:\myfolder' to remote folder '/myfolder'. 
              zip.AddFiles("c:\\myfolder", "/myfolder", opt);
          catch (Exception exc)
              Console.WriteLine("Error: " + exc.Message);
          // ... 
          // Close. 
      /// <summary> 
      /// This method is raised when user clicks on 'Cancel' button on the form. 
      /// </summary> 
      protected void btnCancel_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
          // Cancel the upload operation when user clicks on the button. 
      void zip_Progress(object sender, ComponentPro.IO.FileSystemProgressEventArgs e)
          // Show progress info. 
          Console.WriteLine("Current File: %{0} completed", e.Percentage);
          Console.WriteLine("Total: %{0} completed", e.TotalPercentage);
          switch (e.State)
              case TransferState.StartStoringFile:
                  if (e.SourcePath.EndsWith(".exe"))
                      // Skip all .exe files 
                      e.Skip = true;
                  else if (e.SourcePath.StartsWith(@"C:\MyFolder"))
                      // Change the source file path if it starts with "C:\MyFolder" 
                      e.SourcePath = e.SourcePath.Replace(@"C:\MyFolder", @"C:\MySecondFolder");
      void zip_TransferConfirm(object sender, ComponentPro.IO.TransferConfirmEventArgs e)
          if (e.Exception != null)
              Console.WriteLine("Error: " + e.Exception.Message);
          if (e.ConfirmReason == TransferConfirmReason.FileAlreadyExists)
              // Skip the existing file. 
              e.NextAction = TransferConfirmNextActions.Skip;
          Console.Write("Do you want to (r)etry or (s)kip?");
          string key = Console.ReadLine();
          if (key == "r")
              e.NextAction = TransferConfirmNextActions.Retry;
          else if (key == "s")
              e.NextAction = TransferConfirmNextActions.Skip;
              // Cancel the operation. 
              e.NextAction = TransferConfirmNextActions.Cancel;